• Chantil Colon June 14, 2011 at 9:59 am

    All these attorneys are awesome!!! It has been a blessing to work for Michael C. Blickensderfer whom i've worked for 2 years. Mr. Blickensderfer is one of the most humble and spiritual men I know. His firm "Blick Law Firm" has such an amazing spiritual presence as soon as you walk in the door. Mrs. Blickensderfer also known as "Mama Blick" has been an amazing spiritual guidance to me along with my fellow co-workers, she never turns us away and always has her door open. Mr. Blickensderfer is truly a man of faith and by far "walks the walk". God Bless him and has family.. Go Blick!!!!

  • shawna July 31, 2011 at 4:28 am

    hello my name is shawna mccarthy and im a male to female transsexual
    i dnt know if u can help me but i will ask for your help i live in california and i have a case of family law with cps here in ca and that our civil rights were vilated and were discrimanated againest me and my wife they used false reports made up arrest rerecords and made up things in case reports my wife's lawyer was forwarding emails to cps worker that were a violation of client confidentiality and i have a lot of proof againest them everyone in california i talk to dont want to take the case due to how corrupt this county is i cant find any lawyer here so i am starting to look every where once you read all the reports i have you will be able to see what a good lawsuit i have i would like to take this to a Federal court we have not seen our baby in months they removed our rights oct 19 2010 and they had no reason to take him from us in the first place due to lies and false reports and cps kept telling us they wanted our son to go to a normal home and would drop comments towards me on how i was being a transsexual m2f and all of and how they would contradicted one report after anther that are very easy to prove they lied and made false reports up please help us if you need all the reports and files and proof we have please let us know i hope you find it in ur heart to look in to this matter and help us get our son back and sue them for there wrong doings thank you and i hope to hear from you soon god bless

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