• Liz B February 9, 2010 at 2:10 am

    There is an entire allied healthcare profession out there, dedicated to assisting mothers with whatever breastfeeding challenges they may have — including an evaluation of medications used by mom (for whatever reason) and its impact on uman milk, and the baby. I'm not talking about mother-to-mother support for breastfeeding, such as that so ably offered by groups like La Leche League. I'm talking clinical experts on human lactation: the International Board Certifeid Lactatin Consultant." What a shame the OB/GYN didn't mention this option. Click the "Find a Lactation Consultant" option at (the international professional assn for IBCLCs) to search by country, state or zip.

    • admin February 9, 2010 at 7:08 am

      Hi Liz, Thank you for sharing this information. To clarify, La Leche was not the resource that provided me with my options for breastfeeding–it was the medical staff at the hospital (and I did speak about it w/my ob/gyn) who spoke with me about how and whether to re-start my milk production. And at that point–given my complications which had me in ICU for several days, it was a personal choice to not breastfeed. I have to say also that while it is a proven fact that there are many benefits to breastmilk, all of my children are healthy (not prone to colds, etc), and thriving–thankfully. The decision to breastfeed is obviously a very personal one and my only hope is that women who make the choice to do so (and who require some help) first explore all their options and not do so out of overzealousness brought on by guilt as a result of groups like La Leche et al; and should a drug–like Reglan–be a mother's choice, the benefits need to clearly outweigh the risks. I am not convinced they do. Again–thanks for sharing this info with other readers!

  • jean w February 11, 2010 at 11:01 am

    I know someone in the medical profession who was and is very against using Reglan fo mothers or babies. She has seen the terrible reactions it has in babies. Being in her positon she would get fire to speak up. what is happening to our medical professionals hurting someone or a baby and FDA tuns their back. Is everyone being paid off.I know of so many things happening to people to damage or kill them an there is no where to turn to bring this to the public. The media is to busy talking about Obama, they better look into some of what I know. I don't watch Fox anymore they are getting boring same old stuff.Jean

    • admin February 11, 2010 at 12:04 pm

      Hi Jean, Thank you for your comment (we've also just sent you a private email). We completely agree with you–between moms who are looking to improve low-breast milk production, and babies who are put on Reglan for regurg issues–particularly those that may be prescribed Reglan off-label for an extended period of time, the effects are not fully and clearly known. And as with any drug, there are risks involved…

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