• Jamie August 22, 2014 at 12:51 am

    I actually work in post production for reality TV so I have witnessed first hand the way talent is often treated on these types of shows. I have personally seen the lengths producers and executive show runners will go to, just short of sacrificing their first born, to get their talent to do whatever they want them to, all the meanwhile ensuring them that they have their best interest at heart. So yes, I 100% believe that producers ensured her, coddled her even like a child on their first day of school, that she could trust them and that they would protect her. I would say about 90-95% of the people we work with on these shows, are incredibly naive about their expectations for being on television.

    That being said, I find it hard to believe that the assistant editors, producers, post coordinators, post supervisors, and online editors of the production companies involved and Quality Control teams at the network all failed to catch this un-blurred vagina. Each given episode goes through multiple edit cuts and approvals during the editing phase of the show. That means, this episode was probably watched at least a dozen times with the blurs in it, and still no one saw this?

    There are likely two possible scenarios to how this situation came about. Either there is a slew of incredibly incompetent people involved in the making of this show, which is possible, or it's a…. wait for it….. publicity stunt. Maybe she took a cue out of Janet Jackson's playbook but decided to turn things up a notch?

    I'd like to note, that I don't actually care either way. I most just want to share with you my knowledge of how reality TV generally works, and that yes, it is very possible and likely, that she was completely naive about this entire situation. However, regardless of the how the situation came to be, the argument of "she's naked so she should just accept this as a possibility" sounds like you are mocking this woman for having her vagina exposed on television, not really into that. Sounds too similar to the "she's wearing a low cut top so she had it coming" argument. I'm sure thats not your intention at all, but it does read that way.

    I will say though, her comments about her personal "budding relationships" being ruined by this incident are completely ridiculous and I really could not care less if she lost a prospective, well adjusted and age appropriate, Jewish husband.

  • Katy June 20, 2015 at 7:18 pm

    You are a b*tch, I am just saying. When people sign up for this show, they sign a contract and they are assured that their private area will be blurred. There is a difference with being naked live in front of a small group (cast/crew) verses being naked without blurred private areas for the world to see.

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