• Thom287 June 26, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    Being a Pama client for a number of years, this article truly surprises me about them. Living in a large apartment complex, there were some issues. But they were always quick to respond. Living in an apartment most if my life, I've noticed that most of the problems come from within. It's not the management company that's infesting our homes, it's the other tenants! One could be as clean as can be, but if your neighbor is not, guess what?…. Unfortunately I can't control what my neighbors do and if they decide not to be clean, it affects the whole building. Like I said before, PAMA has been good to me and I'm grateful they have helped me with a place to live. We all choose to live in these places, stop complaining and move out if you are unhappy. Don't give them your money!

    • Lynda April 28, 2016 at 6:25 pm

      Thats Pama being the liars they are…I will happily post pictures of their mobile home parks too…so Pama, should I post the pic of the mobile home that wasnt permitted in Oildale…you know the one Im talking about…a family moved in and experienced serious electrical issues and they were told by the manager to leave if they dont like it so they left… the idiot manager quickly rerented the unit to a couple with a 5 month old baby…in January the unit burst into flames and the infant burned to death…and lets talk about the Royal Coach…I had infestation of cock roaches. Black mold everywhere…and I was in that park visiting friends a few weeks ago and what do you think i got a picture of???? Another of your disgusting Hurricane Katrina fema trailors burned to the ground! Stop writing fraudulent reviews or I will share pics of The Wishing Well in Yucaipa…and the glorious Mountain View…And what the hell are you doing letting parolees manage your RV park in Hemet…I truly believed Pama was commited to makeing this park nice…you should see what disgusting rvs and people that are in this park…i have pics, video and documentation on the behavior of Debbi and that clearly stupid manager that you have there…Do you sit in front of prisons till midnight and hire felons being released? I am FURIOUS when I see these happy client reviews…he is evil and has made a ton of money from the desparity of human beings…he’s the perfect example of a greedy, nasty Slumlord…so go ahead idiots…blame ithe vermin and cockroaches on your tenants…did the infant have to burn to death…and he hid. Maybe you fools can blame the parents for the death of their baby…after all they trusted PAMA MANAGEMENT and their baby burned to death…If I see anymore reviews like this I will keep talking…and just know this…Pama is finally getting the recognition they deserve…

  • IVETTE July 12, 2011 at 2:10 pm


  • John Mittelman July 17, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    I am happy to speak to any tenant of PAMA Management that has suffered the conditions and lack of maintenance referred to in this story. Retaliation and harassment is par for the course with PAMA…don't let this company trample your rights…

    951-719-1412 or 951-639-8600

    • Raja hammoudrajaa September 19, 2013 at 9:58 pm

      Pama need to pay the price this need to be over. Some one need to hear us and do some thing about …. Pama left us on zero Supervisors and matanice pama. they are races and sexual abuse for her own workers. I'm nt afraid to speak out or testified , we need justice

      • RajaHammoud September 19, 2013 at 10:10 pm

        Where's all the lawyers to take our ,.rights wheres the justice…………. I'm still hurts when I see my tenants suffering

    • alexandria rey March 11, 2014 at 5:41 pm

      please call me alexandria rey 909-520-0552, open code enforcement case and now being evicted

    • kathy bailey October 16, 2014 at 6:09 pm

      I also rent from PAMA/IE RENTALS.
      My heater stopped blowing warm air last year (while it was still cold). This house is also infested with termites & every type of ant. We can’t even use our back yard. Our pets
      (cats & dogs) don’t have a choice & we see ants on them all the time.
      I would like to do something to get them to fix these things. Last month I told them I wasn’t going to pay my rent until they fixed the problems. My rent will be due Nov 1st.
      can you help?

    • James March 22, 2015 at 6:26 pm


      I am so happy to find you. My family and I have been tenants of PAMA (Najaar, IE Rentals, etc…)for over 4 years and have suffered through more than deplorable conditions. My wife and I worked for them for over a year at the beginning until we learned how terrible they are and now have “insider” information. PLEASE CALL ME.

      Thank you,

      • Mel April 8, 2016 at 2:13 pm

        I’m having similar issues to you all can you please let me know on that Insider information about this Pama Management company

        • Kathryn Bailey April 16, 2016 at 1:50 am

          good luck..they are total slumlords! all I can say is do your homework – I just went to court with them and won
          THis attorney got overwhelmed and probably won’t get back to you

          • Mel April 19, 2016 at 6:16 pm

            What did it take

          • Kathryn Bailey April 23, 2016 at 4:35 am

            research your legal rights, keep records of EVERYTHING, don’t believe their sh*t & let a judge decide. DON’T agree to anything!! They will try to “work” you over for any $ they can TRY and get you for!! good luck!

        • Lynda April 28, 2016 at 8:43 pm

          Careful with questions like this…

    • Just a woman 038 August 4, 2015 at 7:25 am

      Where were you these last 6 years i could have used your help in such a bad way??? I have lived under this slumlord for almost 6 years now and i was at the end of my rope after code enforcement, fair housing, letters, complaints, and finally withholding rent not all only 250.00 out of 1050 oh and they say i owe 2000.00 what a joke…they tried to evict my spouse, 2 children, & I- my son 6 has severe autism 3x in this home and 3 in the other …now i am screwed and destroyed beyond reason i begged i pleaded on deaf ears…i have had 0 electricity in my kitchen since may 2014 oh when we did the initial walk through it was dark…i am emberrassed and sad because where are my children to go? i have no family or friends that can help…my toilet leaks sewer water and poop/urine all over the only bathroom And my child walks through it everyday. I went to court thought we had a fair chance but the judge was just as corrupt not even batting an eye at the large folder of evidence. I asked her if it is legal for my children to live this way…she actually said yes believe that. We are truly destroyed only moved into this home because it has a 360 degree gate for my flight risk son and 2 dogs deemed dangerous. The home is one of the first ever built in san jacinto ca..what do i tell my babies 2 weeks before they go to school? Sorry kids we have to live in the car…no one would help us we are just a number in a million this company has harmed? How do i fix this when i have 5 days to get out and i have no where to go….

      • Diane Daniels August 12, 2015 at 10:09 pm

        I want to know if you only help people that rent from this perticular rental agency?
        I need your help like yesterday.

    • Tina October 28, 2015 at 3:14 pm

      I am a former employee of this company and ypu wouldn’t even believe what atrocities I was witness to during my employment. I was also a tenant with them and now am seeking my own attorney assistance with both employment law violations and tenants rights, but I can be of service to your clients also.

    • Muslimah Wilknson December 11, 2015 at 2:27 pm

      Wow …. Someone who knows how they really are…. Ive been sleep deprived for 3 weeks.. I notified them of a bed bug infestation on 11/24/2015 and Im just being delivered a day for scheduled action now for 12/15/2015 thanks to fair housing council… Anyhow Ive been threatened with their lawyer and an eviction… In the meanwhile I have thrown items away…there’s so much more to this I would love to try for a class action suit…. They had been aware for over 6 months by a next door neighbor and fee others….I would be very pleased to have some help…

    • Lucia Audelo February 22, 2016 at 8:13 am

      Im currently in the nightmare process of being evicted for witholding my rent. I’ve been at my residence for almost 9 years. The change happen so fast we were told we had a month before change took place but it was matter of 5 days, but been going back and forth with Pama for 5 months since they took over property ( have not renewed my lease they refuse) mold is in bathroom they painted over it without removing it, rodents, roaches, carpet worn, ceramic tile broken by front door, gas company says water heater isnt working properly, paint is chipping, I had my window open cuz they were painted closed I didnt pass inspection for foster care, which they refuse to reimburse me, they painted my bathroom window closed again, border/bottom frame to wall in living room is missing and its just been headache. My youngest son 6 years old has asthma & allergies. We’ve had to increase his medication because its been acting up. I just got rid of roach problem thank god. I have court in the morning Fontana court. I’m representing myself so I think Pama will win because they have the advantage of a lawyer. I just wish it goes well.

      • Lynda April 28, 2016 at 7:43 pm

        Everyone needs to post this information on apartmentreviews and other review sites..
        This lawyer told me they dont do Pama lawsuits anymore…that life is too short but said “they are bad people” Hit every review site…this must be a class action lawsuit and these two lawyers either were threatned or paid off or phonies getting info for Pama…soon there will be a website just for Pama/IE rentals tenants to post and gather in Unity to do a great service for [the victims] and his scumbag managers murdered…Lets get this party started without these “do the right thing” cowards…they owed all of you a reaponse at least and probably put us all in harms way…malpractice or fraud lawsuits for them later…and as for these two joksters…take your bullshit off the internet…now…we got this!!!

        • Evelyn May 3, 2016 at 6:44 am

          I dont understand why these people are allowed to continue running these properties as they do.There must be laws that keep slumlords from continuing to purchase property and renting it out while it is sub standard condition. After so many fines complaints , doesnt the state or H.A or someone see what is going on.

    • Litycia Payne July 14, 2016 at 9:23 pm

      We have been in one of their apartments in San Bernardino for almost 2 1/2 years. They JUST changed the air filter for the first time since we moved in last week. (moved in April 2014, current date 7/14/2016) It took them over a year and several complaints(written and verbal) to fix our ceiling that leaked every time it rained. Water is shut off randomly for “repairs” without notice. We have been through 5 managers, 2 maintenance guys. NOTHING ever gets fixed unless rent is late and they want to evict you. We were never given a copy of our lease which was up in 2015. We were never given the option to renew the lease and were never given a month to month agreement to sign. Our bathroom sink gets backed up for no reason and it takes weeks for anyone to come look at it much less fix it. bad odors and little flying bugs (gnats? small flies?) come out of the sink every now and then for no reason. Code enforcement has fined them repeatedly for letting the pool turn almost black from lack of maintenance (summer 2015 pool as unusable all summer) Rent is due the 1st, they claim the grace period is till the 3rd but 3 day pay or quits are issued the 2nd of the month. mentioned to 1st manager that we had pets and paid deposit. New manager is now saying no such deposit was ever made and wants to charge us $250 per pet and we have had 4 cats for a year and a half and every single manager has seen them and never requested any additional deposits till we were late with rent this month. I told them rent would be paid in full by 7/15, they said that was fine. 7/14 I was asked where is the rent, reminded them i was paying 7/15 and was told it has to be paid before noon 7/15, when I said I work till 3:30, they said we can send someone to your work to pick it up. I work in a warehouse. I am not sure what time the money will clear (not paycheck, stipend payment) and I have no access to atm or money order capabilities at work. They have verbally attacked my husband in public about being late on rent prior to this month and started telling anyone who was around him at recycling center what we owed, and other personal information. Kept calling my husband by our cosigners name calling him and me a liar every time we corrected them….The list goes on and on. This company is by far the worst I have ever dealt with. My husband is disabled and working on his disability claim. I am the only one who works and we have 2 kids. If I could afford to move I would leave tomorrow. They have threatened us with court so many times, threatened to lock us out, threatened to remove all of our belongings, told us we deserve to be homeless and yet they are STILL in business. I don’t understand how a company with so many complaints and code violations and lawsuits against them can still be operating and abusing tenants.

      • kb July 23, 2016 at 1:01 am

        Do your homework! Pama/IE rentals are the lowest of the lowest for sure. I had same type deal where they gave me a 3 day notice (for back late charges I didn’t owe). I filed my response with the court & we went to court. they even had an attorney
        I won. you can do it! Look at tenants & landlords – or or gov lots of legal info out there

    • Marie Daines November 7, 2016 at 1:23 pm

      The apartment building where I rent a unit
      was owned by Golfe Realty ( Karen Golfe) and for the last 2 years I have paid rent on time directly into her bank account. Rumors had surfaced about the building being sold but I assumed that if it were sold that Karen Golfe would have enough decency or professionalism to give the tenates a heads up that we will no longer will be paying rent to her bank and who we should contact or where rent should be taken. 2 units had been rented out by people claiming to be the managers and that’s when Pama Management decided to come see who had taken there money and tried to make the tenates who had moved into the units leave by calling the police. If either Karen Golfe or Pama Management would have been so kind to notify the tenates of what’s going on and where are rent should go that may not have happened. In the past I had paid rent by the 3rd into a bank account but when all this was taking place I was waiting for some sort of notice informing where and who rent should go to but instead came home to find a 3 day pay or quit notice from PAMA Management. I’m guessing that is there professional way of notifying tenates that they are the new owners and to pay rent to them. WHERE HAVE ALL THE PROFESSIONAL CONSIDERATE HUMANS WHO SHOULD BE IN THESE POSITIONS GONE. ARE THEY HUMANS?

    • Gabrielle December 15, 2016 at 1:59 pm

      Yes my name is Gabrielle Delacruz and my wife and myself are experiencing a situation like that where we live our land lord is never there for nothing its hard to get ahold of him when we need towels or toilet paper things like that our piping was worn down broken finally got him to fit it we have holes and roaches and water linking its a mess but u ask why we still continue to live there ?/cause we are two women whose just trying to make ends meat and stay off the streets we have struggled with hardship n homelessness so we have nowhere to go that’s why but we still mange to pay him his rent on time with no fuss I just don’t want us to end up on the streets cause of this situation

  • anita November 13, 2013 at 2:42 am

    this landlord is sueing me for unlawful detainer on a home that i never got to move into. the deal was a months free rent to clean it up. and he would pay for the supply's needed. the place had been very badly gang related, the roof is ready to cave in cockroches so bad you can't open the cabints, the sueage is leaking. the plug ends need replacing, on screens, the gas can't be turned on because there's no hot water tank. and it goes on from there. gang activity as well. any ways there are two house's on one lot my brother moved in the front house and i was going to move in the back one. and after we got the place half way cleaned, the land lord serves us with an aviction notice. then tryed to tell us we had no permition to be in his houses, oh this was all verbal. the only proof i have is i took pictures before we did anything. but now the landlord is sueing us, what do i do….

  • james settles February 6, 2014 at 12:10 am

    pama bought my apt i gess these ppl buy apts from other sulm lorads i to have to sleep with ear plugs to keep the roachs out so when i took the storey to the news they give me a 3 day notice they want to hide who they are so they used a co called IE rentals but its pama . they lie so much you cant beleve it god for sure is going to send this man to hell . they did work on my apt and made so much dust it send me to the hosp im on oxgan and have been spiting up black stuff from th walls they worked on do not trust these ppl .

    • Ex manager February 25, 2016 at 6:37 am

      R.I.P James I will miss you dearly. James past away due to the neglect and direct contact of the toxins inhaled during the non lic. Contractors so called repairs. The toxins were throughout the complex so when the wall was being repaired not replaced mold and other toxins were released into the air where james had his bed his oxygen tank .pama mgt refused to provide temp housing for james several days passed during the so called repairs were covered up harassment against james continued until he was forced to move not before complications .hospitalazation.held against his will by armed gaurds and exposure to weeks of direct inhalation of waste materials. We asked forhelp who helped any of us ?illegal eviction etc.

  • creativ girl February 11, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    Thanks to you and your office— for whatever push or contact you gave to the pama montclair 'lazies'and or the city of Pomona. Finally days before Christmas, the street was sealed up,the piles of dirt, open ditch and smell lessened. Its days before Valentines now, over three months since the sewers& water flowed like a river to Holt(5wks)Its dry at Gordon Bldg.,but encrusted-souvenir of toilet paper,caca& wet yuck which dried two plus inches thick over 3 square yards has yet to be removed. Gardeners ignore it. Grass cant grow thru it. Windows next to it are kept closed. Yup rents get paid, we see the space roped off, don't re-wet it or use the faucet at all.?We can cut chunks of it like sod, and sell them as momentos on yard sale weekend in March?No other way to get the past stinkysitu behind us,All of us need to keep low profile, stay off the harassment radar/pama. Shows how any and every part/situ. are no ones responsibility. Really low standards.

  • slumlordslayer April 5, 2014 at 5:57 am

    C.C. 1942.4…check it out.

  • Clean&Quiet Roomer June 5, 2014 at 7:28 pm

    So owner stops by-believe its one of pamas' office supervisors- she claimed the bldgs" neighbors reported to her" about lots of loud music, visitor traffic, late rents, feeding cats/loose dogs, at this building in Pomona.
    WE can't even contact a real owner, so I /others really doubted anything she tried to say after that. she did a walking tour,then I got Poshs' license plate number 🙂 When HRH arrived, only stated was THE owner, to anyone she saw(11:30 am)June 5. Who trusts an blinged-out egotist claiming I'm the Queen (in ESL), so bow.I'm your God, so listen-up! She & sidekick(no Engl.),did not knock on any doors; my guess this venting appearance a domino-effect from speech the visiting city housing inspector must have? made about "the little things" THEY observed:
    legions of visible unafraid Roaches,dozens of spots badly chipping stucco/ toxic paint, cruddy landscape, vandalized /defaced unfixed parts of the property(high-places for the local gangs' taggers). non-working lighting every place outside(dangerous stairs!),so much more!
    a Cheapskate gets in your face,daring you not to swing? No shame. Posh/ 'She' may know how dangerous would be if came in evening, when dozens of we have rights/standards,working class people would be at home. what a petty coward. care to return on a weekend?
    Everyday for two months, unwritten verbal threats to pay late fees, even on the first, to more than half of apts! and the on-going extortion-at-your-door by pama "managers". Yes they must collect $ due, but its harassment to come every single day to so many units(4+), claiming the daily punishment of late fee pymt is to be put in their palm, no receipt. A real mgr at the nearby larger complex has left her job now,because told to pay tenants rents out of own pocket and that the daily extortion cash would be her 'salary', among other methods to get income (towing cars, adding fees for serving notices, charging new amts for in-lease included parking spots & things Calif. has no laws about(?)
    Last night,a new 'mgr' personally seen peeking in ALL the lower- level apt windows(with 2 tween kids also following = in-training for "property mgmt.") Nosey.They were not serving notices or introducing themselves like normal people would. The sound of cracking bugs got my attention as they creeped in the dark (10:30 pm+) oh just weirdos from pama LOL not taggers/dealers.
    Why doesn't WeTip involve the real cops/real swat, arrest the "Addicts Family" our newest tenants & only gang/dealers, leaving these dysfunctional bad actors out of the bullying agenda? Got twisted comedy?
    May 31 Told, but not in writing, that on the first, that 2 bedroom apts will be 1,500 June month. so what no notice? person who has left now,said that is what 'suppose to' collect. wow a 25% increase over 1100 for 3 apts here. This month… that means MY income must increase too!
    So,If that owner is really making over 5K a month NOW on this bldg.– even after water,gas and 'mower' paid– 'she' deserves lots of move-outs, no reward of $, bldg.CONDEMENED, fines, not just 'do a surface sprayover' so it'll pass HUD std.
    Please, if it is possible to have City/HUD re Sec. 8 , threaten her, "THE OWNER"… make her stay here!!!
    Her choice. There ARE other P.M. 'companies' besides the pack of dogs that is pama

  • Christine Gonzalez June 12, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    Mr. Mittleman,
    This is a comment I left about PAMA Mgt. Co. …

    Pama, management people are ruthless, unprofessional, uncaring, and most of all, the epitome of the phrase, "Slumlords" my daughter has been renting a 3 room unit for her, her stepson, and his dad, for over a year…she pays 800 dollars a month, and they mind their own business, and pay their rent every month, from the first day they came to live in this modified motel, they have experienced, roaches, continual plumbing problems, so bad that the waste from other units back up into her tub. The manager is a gossiper, and she has her nose up in every ones business, these things you have to learn to just ignore, and she claims that the management company does not allow their tennants to step outside of their back doors, they must stay inside!! what landlord tells you you cannot step outside of your home??? well it seems that 2 days ago out of a clear blue sky, PAMA MGT. company delivered a letter to her at 8:00 at night stating they were giving them 60 days to vacate…my daughter was horrified, and could not think of a single reason as to why they were being asked to move. If anything, they are the one family who keeps to themselves, and doesn't mess with anyone, she goes to work, her son goes to school, and they come home for dinner, and to bed. So when she called the office in the morning, she asked to speak to the owner of her property, and of course they would not tell her who that would be, so a man came on the phone and stated he was the CFO he was rude, nasty and as uncaring as a person could be, told her that he didn't have to tell her anything, and with a smirk in his voice, pretty much just blew her off, he said, she had to pay rent for the next 2 months if she wanted to stay there for that time, and if she didn't pay her rent, she would be ordered out in 3 days, end of story! It's like they disrupt people's lives, and dont care or give a damn… If only people like my daughter and her family who are just trying to get on their feet could afford legal representation…but that's another issue, so PAMA Mgt. with their "F" rating with the BBB, and their tretchourous employees will continue to treat the poor and stuggling like dirt, and take advantage of every penny that they can, i'm hoping that she gets her deposit back, because she has nothing else to relocate with, but i'm sure PAMA will find something wrong within their apartment to try to keep some of it, so, please if you have had any problems with this company and their barbaric practices, please make it public!! that's all we can seem to do, obviously PAMA MGT CO has no human compassion!!

    Is there anything that can be done? or are they covered by some clause in the contract that my daughter didn't notice, I mean most laymen wouldn't understand the wordage in a legal contract anyway, I should have looked it over myself, I worked for the State Bar Court for 11 years, I might have noticed something to the effect that they can put you out for no apparent reason, I would appreciate any suggestions that you might have as to what steps we might take on this matter…. Thank you Mr. Mittleman,

  • Marlene chavez July 29, 2014 at 4:00 am

    That is a very interesting article , and so true. I live in PAsadena on a fixed income due to a disability, and when your on section eight ,these are the kind of apartments they show you. I took this apartment because they allowed my dogs, but its been a nightmare, they are infested with roaches, and they spay every six months for chemicals, and the roaches move from one apartment to the next. I just know next time to make sure they are not owned by Pama and I will not have to deal with the constant harrassnment about my dogs , since management changes like we would our socks. Its a joke. And I have given doctor notes about my dogs for emotional support.

  • Angel Castro October 6, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    My name is Angel, I live at the Howard Garden apartments in Azusa. I’ve lived here for 2 yrs with my boyfriend and our 3 kids. And over the past 2 yrs our apartment has has maintenance problems, to which they fixed, eventually, but the biggest, growing problem are the roaches and bed bugs, that continue to reside here. The managers have have sent the fumigaters here 5 times, and they’re still here. They’re not only in our kitchen, but in the bathroom, our dressers and all the clothes we have in there have their exoskeletans. They are also in between abd under our mattress’, in our closet. I’ve even called the health inspectos. We did everything he did, and when he can’t back again, I told him it was still the same situation. So he said he was gonna tell the manager to help do something to get rid of the roaches, but she didn’t do anything for months despite me reminding her about the roaches. There’s allot more to this story. There are other tenants here with the she problem. Can u please call me. I’m a bit confused as what to do next. My number is 626-587-7044. Thank you for your time.


    Angel Castro

    John Mittelman
    I am happy to speak to any tenant of PAMA Management that has suffered the conditions and lack of maintenance referred to in this story. Retaliation and harassment is par for the course with PAMA…don’t let this company trample your rights…
    951-719-1412 or 951-639-8600

  • terri brown November 15, 2014 at 10:33 am

    we are current tenants and I was told that I owe back rent and when I showed them proof and plus after I fell and hurt myself because of a broken stair the manager MJ called and said if I agree to move out he would give me my deposit back and the prorated rent back the day I move out I asked for it inwritting and said he would get back to me heard he never called. back and again Oct 29 he asked me if I move out by the Nov 1st he would give me my deposit back and again I asked for it in writing which he refused so I said I would stay until my lease expires. Nov 3 I went to pay my rent which they refused it I attempted to pay my rent three times last time was Nov 8 M refused so I asked him when is he going to fix the stair he said when he gets me out the unit because he doesn’t want my kind here and I said whatyou mean by my kind he said look in the mirror. and I replied by saying I was born in the USA and he said liar you came by boat to be a slave. at that point I had to walk away because I was starting to cry my apartment is infested with roaches and I have mold and mildew in my apartment and it’s affecting my asthma. they filed a unlawful detained but I had to file a motion to strike. they are trying to get all the residents out who have a one year lease which they tried to invalidate but myself and a few other tenants showed them they couldn’t by showing them the landlord tenant handbook. now were all getting unlawful detainers. please we need help here in helmet because now their having the hemet police harass all the black tenants. we need help and there’s no help for us minorities and poverty stricken tenants.

  • quiet roomer remains November 20, 2014 at 8:40 pm

    Not so Big Surprise reveal today-City of Pomona Records in different departments(by phone/at counter) are as confused as any can get! Bldg. Dept says over 50 years ago our property here, applied to convert a house to apt units. showed me No other permits pulled… never completed(?) the Bldg is not a house, is not using TOO much water!!!well wtf. its 8 apt.units are real,seem to have existed over 50 years.( systemic rusty pipes/rotting ceilings/soft unsafe floors) Pleezee Can we get the slumlord-senora owner a supeona on Dia Del Gracias to explain any of THIS rot, to a Grand Jury–?!please?!!
    Pomona City water dept. says our Gordon St bldg. has only 5 units in their records. and no drought letters to anyone of ‘wasting water’ in Oct/Nov. or at all this year(latest farce/Lies)The Housing Dept. which has one Section-8 tenant here, says there are only 6 units here. Wow. I have seen 2 staircases, and inside 8 dif. units. No doors marked 7 or 8. Just mailboxes(over 15 years)Tenants here have long memories/ Pama blame & shameful antics makes us shake heads in disgust.The landscape and personal potted plants still being stolen by the minions to please ‘bosses’; we are told that it is required by the city(no plants to water) for our large water bill here. *Wonder How would quiet enjoyment look/feel here without their harassment/intimidation by Pama of ‘those illegals’. Not their plants!* So Stupid! Surely over 55 persons(in 8 units) with rent-included unlimited hot/cold water, are not wasting it??Excuses for not being able to control us, Pamas’ costs/their service. Is the profit going down?
    Verbally advertised and told to new tenants that they have one– No laundry room to use 2 years, and fire extinguishers here have expired tags(8/13).but just Empty holders/same in apts, mostly. In Front- in Back-On Cars- On Ground –our Graffitti Taggers always update their work.It ghetto. The response from city depts./their painters is D.I.Y.( so we use mud/surfaces)Rain revealed alot. Hey, no one waters outside except with little water bottles, cars never got washed here. Decades no sprinklers here, just past artifacts. Four + months since our outside water taps shut off, just after garden hoses(good /4th July sparks ) stolen-twice- by Co.minions ‘for our own good'(told).In writing water / trash/ heat are included ( all wall heaters don’t work)Guess hot water’s on the endangered list now!The one gas water heater is Huge! in the laundry room. They regularly try to find out how many are in each unit, by unethical means. One unit currently vacant. Everyone rents room space/ has room mates. We know that Visitors, Occupants, Roomies have Rights too!
    Plans & Actions Cementing over the grass, chain sawing down trees&plants ,just in past 2 weeks,by out of control other bldgs’. vengeful rent-collectors! 6 months of stealing personal plants ‘left unattended’ at peoples doors, especially if downstairs ( office told us fair game for the “gardener” to plant them here on the property). Even a child knows that is wrong. Mow & blow guys work here will soon cease, and he don’t see that coming!
    Montclair office is just a phone machine. Staff of one, three inch nails, tight dress, no English skills, no office skills period.Vanitys’ Lipstick her only project, so perfect, before an early lunch, then ‘work’ is over. That kind of mailing address. Fresh recruited to ‘maintenance’ are uncaring un skilled really new to all this lying–Bad at everything- are paid per job(so pad the bill by any tasking) our toxic sprayer is the plumber and the ‘bike remover’ ,their friend paints,& finds vacancy cleaning sub-contractors, practices locksmithing. Any Will turn off the water and power , then yell at those who don’t like it 18 hours later. ?Got Dark Comedy? It’s done, Regularly. Pull up a chair, bring a snack.
    Tip of the Ice berg here, in 2014, since ‘it’ happens in Pomona we are suppose to just go…
    They who Never reveal their real names, see them only once ‘collectors’,frauds who have ‘your’ new door keys all ready. Nevermind that no one wants another different ones ,or ever asked. when they come at odd hours /trusted by a ‘manager of the month’ to nose around. They have been caught inside 6 am in our tiny we know everyone bldg. Suprised those that never complained, never would think to ask for services/never called or asked for the nosey intrusion, nor ‘repairs’.[Quiet Enjoyment’ is something they never ever heard of. At ease in harassing because of aliases/Pama , it entertains these grown bored punks] Quickly threatened into silence about the break in, or you d*** mex****s will get evicted. Five events like that since April. Our city ‘neutrality is safe for them’ Police, show up ,only to refuse reports(we went, made them!!)Well THEY don’t know of your work on this lawsuit against Pama Slumlords.
    Did I forget to mention I’m sick of the Bigotry of the ‘staff’? Continuous meaness, plenty of time to vandalize( so to fix !), plague us(they are so bu$y)Hate all non Latinos, especially darker skinned and ‘any Asians’, which do live here too. NO Pama claim to responsibility/ causing the ghetto circumstances, the discomfort, the visits. Neighborhood Watch at this place, means here we take turns and realize full 24/7 coverage is needed.
    PAMA PRACTICE: Finally Remove the rot, but never replace it or fix it. What a solution.Probably would not know where to begin(use THE instructions!) The supplies they buy for repair get paid for, become their own I guess, or another dozen jobs/ stretch use. Real Cackling Background noise of evil laughter and bullying by same to long time great quiet tennants. All Pama fiends:Repeated refusal to speak/answer any info in English. Refusal by bilingual spanish ‘managers’ to converse with anyone non-Latino.( Living there or asking about rentals) Quote anyone”who does not >just< speak spanish".Body Language and in Words- Lack of Respect and insulting to all colors/backgrounds, most of whom, in this area, ARE bilingual in Spanish. Even in front of the 'we are here to keep the peace' Latino police. Co-workers realize they are apart of the 'team Pama' braggers of burglary/theft/robbery/vandalism. Hey Police! Hey Pama!SO When is Breaking and Entering with robbery intent not criminal? No arrests? Hissing threats of eviction, special fees if report it or press charges. Pama-jerks will answer to a higher being. Not CalFair Housing.
    Please, we need a tazer to remove the two & four legged roaches from our rentals. The space is paid for with more than cash. Where is the Housing Rights enforcement?
    FYI there are records/ there are witnesses that are ' upset'(Asthmatics went to ER,Pets have died, seniors got headaches/severe nausea, caused directly by misuse of toxins. Not requested, but that were many visits applied, self diluted , over sprayed (instead of new carpet/sink pipes/solutions/etc) Can't ANY of this get Litigated???!!
    ***Please Contact us to add to your information collection. Prevent future agony:(
    Please add these recent examples to your list of growing infractions (Expondential)for the PAMA Class Action.(2010+/Southern California Rental Property Tenants)***

    • William Curry January 17, 2015 at 10:22 pm

      Being a Pama client for a number of years, this article truly surprises me about them. Living in a large apartment complex, there were some issues. But they were always quick to respond. Living in an apartment most if my life, I’ve noticed that most of the problems come from within. It’s not the management company that’s infesting our homes, it’s the other tenants! One could be as clean as can be, but if your neighbor is not, guess what?…. Unfortunately I can’t control what my neighbors do and if they decide not to be clean, it affects the whole building. Like I said before, PAMA has been good to me and I’m grateful they have helped me with a place to live. We all choose to live in these places, stop complaining and move out if you are unhappy. Don’t give them your money!

      Mr. Mittleman I am a mobilehome owner at foothill meadows mobilehome park in San Bernardino. Pama Management has not been following the Mobilehome Residency Laws and has unlawfully evicted me. This is a retaliatory eviction because I have been complaining about sewer water backing up in old pipes and running all around my home. I have made a complaint to the Mobilehome Ombudsman and my understanding is that they are pretending to fix the problem. I have pictures. We have lived here for 33 years Pama bought it in 2006. I would like to file a civil suit. I am hoping you would agree to be my counsel. I am agreeable to standard attorney fees, they have violated so many laws I am very confident we can win. Please call me William Curry 909 838 4207

      • John Doe May 13, 2015 at 8:38 pm

        Pama managers are unaware of the Mobile home laws. They starting to buy up mobile home parks with rent control. Problem is they are raising the rents for the space to the new owners. Totally against the law. Department of Economic Affairs has been contacted along with City Attorney. The problem exists with current owners of these parks. When they try to sell their mobile homes it will be tough because of space rents in the 600 range with no amenities. The homes are losing value. Pama will be open to a nice lawsuit from home owners unable to sell and current owners paying space rent that exceeds the law. I smell a nice class action lawsuit.

  • Ivy Mills February 23, 2015 at 7:29 pm

    Mr. Mittelman, please call me. I moved out of Columbus Villas in Bakersfield on Dec 8. I followed all the rules regarding moveout. The copy sent to Pama by the property manager stated that my move out notice was 11/9/14. My rent was paid through 12/9 and my move out date was 12/9 (I actually moved out on 12/8/14). However, she is withholdin my security deposit for rent from 12/10 through 12/31. She states that she did not receive the letter from the property manager. Please contact me. Thanks.

  • Angel Castro April 7, 2015 at 3:08 am

    I’m going to call you tomorrow, or today by the time you read this. They tried evicting us do we got a demurr for now. I have pics of bites, on my kids, n my mom, also pics if the bed bugs. N as of last time, the fumigator has been here 9 TIMES, n they have not even done anything about the bed bugs despite them supposedly noting down n verbally saying they were gonna send someone. That was, I think over a month ago. I’ll tell you more e later. Thank u for reading. Angel Castro

    Angel CastroMy name is Angel, I live at the Howard Garden apartments in Azusa. I’ve lived here for 2 yrs with my boyfriend and our 3 kids. And over the past 2 yrs our apartment has has maintenance problems, to which they fixed, eventually, but the biggest, growing problem are the roaches and bed bugs, that continue to reside here. The managers have have sent the fumigaters here 5 times, and they’re still here. They’re not only in our kitchen, but in the bathroom, our dressers and all the clothes we have in there have their exoskeletans. They are also in between abd under our mattress’, in our closet. I’ve even called the health inspectos. We did everything he did, and when he can’t back again, I told him it was still the same situation. So he said he was gonna tell the manager to help do something to get rid of the roaches, but she didn’t do anything for months despite me reminding her about the roaches. There’s allot more to this story. There are other tenants here with the she problem. Can u please call me. I’m a bit confused as what to do next. My number is 626-587-7044. Thank you for your time.
    Angel Castro

    John Mittelman
    I am happy to speak to any tenant of PAMA Management that has suffered the conditions and lack of maintenance referred to in this story. Retaliation and harassment is par for the course with PAMA…don’t let this company trample your rights…
    951-719-1412 or 951-639-8600

  • Gabrielle Galarza May 21, 2015 at 5:36 am

    IE rentals in San Bernardino. I have rented with them for the past 3 years and the plumbing hasn’t worked since two weeks after I moved in. The ceiling of the rear car port collapsed and they did nothing in the past year I’ve notified them many many times and sent text messages of pictures of the debris and rusty nails. Also a leak in the front yard hose has cost us hundreds of dollars on our water bill every 3 months is outrageous. I’ve contacted them more than 5 times regarding each issue with no response. Now to am being sued for eviction even though I made an arrangement for 474$ and my late rent of 1295$ that is 2 and a half weeks late but since it was a verbal arrangement they went back on there word and ordered an eviction. I am a mother of a 3 month old baby and even though they never made repairs I still wanted to stay here because I am in no position of moving at this time. If u can help me please contact me.
    Thank you very much


  • Gabrielle Galarza May 21, 2015 at 5:39 am

    p.s. They have also left me residing with a household of mice rodents in the home and the walls. I hate going in my kitchen. It’s very difficult to cook a meal without feeling disturbed.

  • Toshi Muhammad June 10, 2015 at 4:40 pm

    I have rented with PAMA management for nearly a year, and i have regretted every day since i moved into this apartment. Prior to move in i inspected the apartment and was told that anything not working or that needed to be fixed would be operational by my move in day. My first day in the apartment i discovered that the air conditioner did not work, there were missing screens and locks needed to secure windows. When i called PAMA to inform them of the issues, i was told that the a/c was an amenity and not part of housing and that maintenance would get around to fixing my other complaints. When i objected to this answer and asked for a copy of my rental agreement, i was told that all contracts since 2011 had been lost and were not retrievable. I called Nijar Realty thinking that i would get a better response there only to get the same answer about my rental agreement. I have insisted that a copy of my rental contract manifest and to no avail i still do not have one. Since my tenancy began, the onsite manager was released from his duties ( per his own words ) due to allegations of theft of tenants rent. The police has been to the ex- managers unit at least 3 times in the past 2 months for guns, drugs, and prostitution activities. I was also retaliated against when i insisted to see what records they have regarding my rent, as a matter of $290.00 that i paid has not been credited to my account. I have recieved a notice of increased rent effective July 2015, i have received a 3 day notice to pay the amount i am disputing ( according to my receipts) i have also sought the help of legal aide in answering this nightmare. The worst part of this nightmare began after i witnessed the maintenance man taking items from another tenants unit and when i told the tenant, the maintenance man attempted to lie but it was captured on video so he confessed and brought back most of what had been taken. I believe i am a victim of retaliation and theft

  • latasha bell June 20, 2015 at 8:04 pm

    Pama Management Needs To Go Down They Are By Far The Baddest Company Ever Slum Owners And Over Work They Workers For A Few Penny’s Of A Dollar

  • harlin williams July 19, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    tenent of pama in san benardino we have recurring problems with sewer pipes clogging and needing cleaning aprox every 2 weeks managment sends “plumbers” who speak little english out each time but their recent solution is not acceptable they snake it then leave the cleanout lid loose so backups overflow onto pavement they dont even clean up the filth they just drive away ive been told the problems are 100 year old sewer pipes ,false pipes are 3in abs which isin use since 1960s and are code correct for the size and number of units on the line we have no overcrowding of people per apt now wwe are told to put used toilet paper into bags my toilets then throw into dumpster this is wrong in my opionion is this even legal i was a plumber before my disability and ive spotted the problem tree roots and a low area of grass over shallow pipe run indicates a break ive told plunbers and manager but they say big project too much money its not ,simply dig upa few ft of pipe section in new piece any handyman can do this 60.00 materials 200.00 labor i cant afford to move and i dont mind living here im frrustrated any ideas thanks …harlin

  • Nicole McCoy August 2, 2015 at 8:08 pm

    I’m a manager for Pama.. Little to my knowledge they are slumlords.. The owner demands me to pay her a deposit for a apt, that is not ready, has me move into a dirty infested apt. When I ask any supervisor for help I get the run around. I haven’t had gas for 2 weeks!!! And again I’m a manager for this company. Is their anyone I can legally talk to because this is Ridiculous, and I’m getting treated this why I can only imagine how the tenants are being treated. . I need help, please advise!!!

    • Toshi September 2, 2015 at 7:01 pm

      I lived in one of their units from August of 2014 until August of 2015, until a portion of my rent money went unaccounted for, even though I kept all my receipts. I was blessed to get a cc473 and stop their unlawful eviction against me, as I also had other damaging evidence against them. If anyone is concerned or curious enough to ask the tenants at 539 w 25th street in San Bernardino, CA. 92405 what that evidence is, you will be in as much disbelief as I was. Knock on any door and ask any tenant except #12 that unit is management. After you find out the evidence, just call the highland office 909 883- 5357. Don’t be surprised if they curse at you then tell you that their lawyers are talking to everyone at the location and don’t call again! Such falsifiers they are, leave me a reply when anyone is ready to class action them. ATTY. Mittelman, please contact me as I have left several message for you, Thank you

  • Just a woman 038 August 4, 2015 at 7:44 am

    Why is there no class action lawsuit yet….i have tons of evidence…we need to get together and fight this slumlord we are American citizens we have rights someone please help us!!!!all

    • Maryann November 3, 2015 at 1:24 pm

      I think that everyone should get together and start one. I am sure there are hundreds of renters that are having the same problems over and over again that never get fixed.

  • Melissa September 13, 2015 at 9:02 pm

    Pama boarded up my house before court date with animals still inside, Code posted a sign saying unsafe building…codes were for weed abatement. I own a landscaping company. They put house under a false business name not registered with SOS. So cant get proper service. On court date they shouldnt of been allowed to say anything they are not registered with SOS so no business dealing is the law but nope judge orders them immediate possession of the home with all my belongings. I said hey what about my belonging judge says contact there order.I contact lawyer he says hes not responsible for my stuff . So make a long story longer the “own” home that was sold by fraud cut and dry case..home never worth over $100,000.00 two reverse mortgages first one for $183,000.00 only $83,000 was owed but mom paid $183,000 so a $100,000.00 over payment the next reverse mortgage someone took out $390,000.00..county recorder has documents where one hes the bank regional rep, one hes the notary , one hes the president of the company. Anyway pama IE RENTALS has a BBB rating of an”F” yet our town of Hemet gave them a license to do business here. lets picket ive found 68 different names he uses the IRS would love him.This can not continue there is power in numbers…we need to picket contact the news and be relentless on cities that let him conduct such horrific business practices leaving people on the streets or worse.

    • kathy September 28, 2015 at 11:13 am

      Totally game. I’m just another sad story of PAMA with no-where to turn (it seems)
      e-mail me..lets see what we can do

      • Gina October 10, 2015 at 4:17 pm

        Please email me they won’t turn on my water and I was put here (apt) by victims relocation for protection they gave me a 60 day notice

        • Melissa Landis October 18, 2015 at 1:35 am

          CALL ME 909-964-8715

  • Maryann November 3, 2015 at 1:21 pm

    I am surprised that there is not a class action lawsuit against this scumbag. There should be

  • Maryann November 3, 2015 at 1:23 pm

    I agree. I think everyone should band together and start one

    • toshi muhammad January 4, 2016 at 9:10 pm

      let’s do it

    • Mel April 19, 2016 at 6:19 pm

      Im in keep me posted

  • Private January 25, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    Hello Mr. Mittleman. I just moved into a united run by pa.a management. There was a GAS LEAK and the assisant manager said that it wasn’t his problem. The gas man tagged the heater, disconnected it and said if I had slept here last night I would not have woken up again. so I have no heat. The AC is also broken.

    The unit is filthy and smells of urine. They did not clean it after the last tenants left. The toilet is backed up and wobbles.

    The unit is INFESTED with roaches. I set off 3 foggers and I can still see them running down the walls as I type. I have never met my manager and she wont come to meet me and avoids my calls. I asked for a refund and they won’t reply to me. I want to get in on any suit you have going.

    I want someone to scare them into doing their jobs. If you could call and threaten them that would be great, because they aren’t taking me seriously.

    • Muslimah Wilknson January 29, 2016 at 5:19 pm

      Hopefully Mr mailman do respond back to you I’ve also sent messages to this website because this is ridiculous how they are um I’m going to a lot of things with them behind bed bugs simply bed bugs and they still really haven’t done much about them but anyways contact fair housing code enforcement and thats the least you could start doing until something happens if something needs to happen to them there sorry there sorry if I’ve never in my life to met people like these management company is this ridiculous

      • Private February 4, 2016 at 1:51 am

        Well I cant do that because I discussed it with other tenants and they said if I report pama, they will evict me. I dont want that in my rental record.

        Im not a bad tenant and ive never been late paying anyone. Unfortunately New apartment complexes dont care HOW you got evicted, just that you were.

    • Kathryn Bailey January 29, 2016 at 7:13 pm

      good luck with that

  • Muslimah Wilknson January 29, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    Please call me…951380-2594….Please!!!

  • Josie February 20, 2016 at 1:35 pm

    well I’ll be one to be added to this list of tenants. my family and I moved in Dec 10 after basically being homeless for about two months. we were in dire need of a place so we jumped. and well now we’re dealing with the consequences. Issues from the start not only with this companies slow to act attitude but also with the city. the water company failed to release a valve and we were in the house for three days with little to no water pressure. then started the plumbing issues. which took management 3 days to send someone out. that was only after seeking legal representation and having management served with a letter of intent.
    this sadly is my first experience dealing with a “slumlord” and I’m learning quick that you need an attorney or someone with a law degree and that everyone needs to know their “tenants rights” . I’ve read through some of the comments and our going jack in box everyday day pretty much all day just so our children could use the restroom doesn’t seem as bad HOWEVER….. this did not need to go on for three days. we are okay at this point and pray it doesn’t get any worse BUT if it does in glad I found this site. we most definitely will take advantage of any assistered offered.

  • Ex manager February 25, 2016 at 6:43 am

    Rip james no one really cares about our loss

  • Rick Evangello February 27, 2016 at 3:10 am

    Wow! Mr. Middleman , Everyone hear has a legitimate gripe!! I see it over and over again and feel bad for these tenants !! They IE Rentals aka Pama are rude , incompetent, and do nothing for no one!! My friend has copies of things that need to be done that were promised and still lays on deaf ears!! Don’t see how in the World they get away with their all this!!? Not everyone could be wrong. This company ought to be ashame of how they treat their tenants!! Don’t know how they can sleep at night!!

  • Rick Evangello February 27, 2016 at 3:11 am

    Thank you for your time , and very appreciative for taking a stand..

  • Lynda April 28, 2016 at 9:22 pm

    Please start posting your stories on apartmentreviews…this lawyer is as bad as Pama for giving all of you false hope…and probably put you in harms way…we need to set up a Pama/IE Rentals and web page where we can divide up and take that Slumlord Shah to disparity…with cockroaches in his ears and nose…why is he getting away with this blatant illeagal…inhumane acts in this country…in the State of California? This will be a Pandoras box because they are being allowed by our own greedy agencies…they are buying exemption and protection from just about everyone…there is NO WAY PAMA HAS THE ARROGANCE AND CONFIDENCE TO DO ALL THEY DO because they think they are da man…they are actually cowards…cheaters and the bigger they think they are the harder all of them will fall…No one gets away with actual murder and abuse of any of us forever…I will hold my ace for now but I know why and how they’ve gotten away with acting like jerks…so get ready to answer for your idiot behavior…and selling your soul…all your fun times have sailed…you just dont know it yet..but maybe you do know…what could I know that would wipe your smug look right off your face and will smack your greedy a**es down the walk of shame in literally 5 seconds…hmmmmm

  • Rey perez July 2, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    I need help we have security come to are door asking when gonna pay rent but we put in to have are air fixed toilet fixed shower and to have are door be put in right for four months and not one word back we call all the you say is I’ll will have someone right over three months later nothing I have big water bugs coming out of wall from bath and flues and spider through cracks of doors because not put in right what to do .

  • Anonymous July 15, 2016 at 1:40 am

    Its pathetic! I rent from them in San Bernardino. I’m in for the class action lawsuit! And they are raising the rent every few months!

    • Rey July 22, 2016 at 1:24 am

      How do I do that I have the same thing I’m out San Bernardino to.Every month something new I have to call evertime because it’s always different I want to take them to court I have so much on them but don’t know where to start?

  • miss.H February 3, 2017 at 10:54 am

    I live in one of their apartment complex in San Bernardino, a pipe is always busting and they are always cutting the water off sometimes without notice , I do have roaches and bed bugs all of us has had to throw our beds out due to the bed bugs biting..yes they spray but whatever the spray is its not working. I’ve sat out side and the roaches have crawled out of the wood also, the plants outside carry them as well. Ive lived here two years and my rent has went up 3 times since . we have had several managers since I have lived here. The reason why we stay is we can’t really afford to move, we feel as if we are stuck, no family should live like this..I can’t tell you how much money the raid company has made off of me because it works well .

  • Joy April 15, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    Please send me any helpful info i was an employee

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