• Kim Savage August 21, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    I love it!! We at Trauma Relief International (TRI) so much appreciate what you're doing — it's nice to know there are other organizations who "believe in the love" and walk their talk. Thank you so much!! 😉

    Kim Savage, Director
    Trauma Relief International

  • Lilak, safdar March 8, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    I am Pro Se Litigant, who is being reffered to, by my opponent Defendant lawyer, By Tucker Ellis.
    I am impressed, I usually do not not have good trusting feeling about lawyers. I have Two cases in Federal Distric Court Denver and Being refer by my opponent to" Burg Simmon firm". I feel I have very Good cases, but I am not experienced niethr I am a Laywer.
    I am requesting them to take my cases on Homanitarian basis. Since I am living on 120-180% poverty index. I hope head of the organization will take my case for representation on probono or simpthy case or % age basis, thanks. I will let all of you know if they did help me or not later.

    Since Court has asked the defendants to response to my complaint by March 15, 2012. Defense has pending motion under rule 12(b)(6). I am ready for filing my own motion for "Summary Judgment" in favor of "Pro Se plaintiff. Let 's see who come for help of David(Lilak) as in "David & Goliath" story.

    Safdar N. Lilak
    Ph: 720-745-5377 & 720-459-2458

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