• Cynthia J Koehler July 3, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    I am continuing to be attacked at the Salvation Army because people don’t understand brain injuries and my need to speak out because of the fear of a seizure. I feel as if I have to beg for my life at times. I have been told I don’t belong there and am not allowed to express my feelings. Bonnie the janitor interrupting my conversation with others while we were eating and got down on me for telling her to stop! When staff acts this way, it tells others it is ok to treat people negatively. I am fighting to get counseling services restored after losing my Title 19. I feel like I have to battle for my life and walk on eggshells and should not have to do that. I am working with Don Mitchell/Access to Independence on mistreatment by Hy-Vee employees and harassing phone calls, which I do not need now. DIane Strode was threatening me before and was allowed to come back to the Salvation Army after being kicked out for violence. She contributed to the assault that led to my brain injury. Please help me be treated like a human being. I need help educating others that it not ok to victimize me and tell me how to feel because that adds to the trauma. I have been told that I am stupid and need to do this when I need to be myself. Am I covered under the ADA at a meal site?
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