• ken mcclelland February 2, 2012 at 1:23 am

    after an incident with united airlines a few months ago, followed by a complaint lodged to them by me, i do not see any evidence of a passenger bill of rights as it is stated all over the internet, and in fact i was told by the airline that it is not in fact a law and is voluntary. well that really sucks. in the end they offered me a 250. dollar voucher for robbing me of a full day, a saturday no less, of my short vacation, making it a 24 hour journey to get from ca. to fl. the guy was rude so i told him they could keep their 250 dollar voucher (the pass bill of rights declared that i should've been eligible for $1100 for those circumstances, but i would've settled for two tickets to FL at a later date). i said that i would be filing a complaint with the dept of transportation and talking to a lawyer. i filed the complaint but i have not spoken with a lawyer… any takers?

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