• Sue T November 12, 2009 at 12:02 am

    Watch out for Chase / JP Morgan…….
    They even levy overdraft fees when you actually have a few cents in your account.
    You have to complain thru their channels (on the web site) and you will get the fees refunded.

  • Thomas G. M. September 17, 2010 at 9:21 am

    I go to pay my first premier credit card on the first premier credit online services. On that day which was the 9/1/2010. I gave first premier credit, the authority to debit my citizens bank checking account for thirty dollars on 9/3/2010. I pay my credit card payment on the third of every month, due to me being on SSD. This way I (1) don't create an overdraft accidentally, and (2) I know that I have the money to pay my bill. Well for reasons that I can't quite understand, my credit card bill was paid out on the 9/7/2010. Well unfortunetly for me, and not for my citizens bank, or my first premier credit card company, I end up sustaining an overdraft. First premier credit card company say's that they requested to be paid on 9/3/2010. Mean while Citizens bank is stating that first premier credit contacted them for payment on 9/7/2010. Who can I believe? Their both banking institutions which makes them both thieves! Do I have any legal recourse? How do I remmede the problem for having to pay a final 139.00 overdraft out of my meazle 617.00 SSD check?

    • admin September 20, 2010 at 7:50 am

      Hi Thomas, Thanks for sharing this–as I’m sure other readers have run into the same situation, myself included. The timing on this one is critical–and what I’d suggest you do first is to look at the bank’s policy for accepting transfer or payment requests on a Friday, which is what 9/3/10 was. If you ordered the transaction online, there should be a notice right where you request the transfer/payment, that tells you when your transaction will be posted. The issue could be that while the first bank (First Premier) may have initiated the payment, it may have happened late in the day after the time in which the second bank (Citizens) accepts and processes such requests. Unfortunately, it was a holiday weekend as well (Labor Day on that Monday) so any transactions would have then waited until the Tuesday, 9/7/10. I’m not defending what happened, just trying to share some background on what could’ve happened as it’s happened to me.
      Now, having said that, if your request went in early enough in the day that the transfer from First Premier to Citizens should have happened in its entirety, then that’s another thing. What I’d suggest then is that you may want to submit a claim for legal review. Keep in mind that the new regulations on processing overdrafts went into place in August, and your transaction would’ve occurred after that, which may effect the extent to which you have a claim as well.

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