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Surgeon Says Transvaginal Mesh Victims Have Killed Themselves due to Pain

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Concord, NHKim, a registered nurse, has filed a transvaginal mesh claim on behalf of her mother, who spent the past two years in such misery after TVT surgery that she wanted to kill herself. And she isn’t the only one.

“I read on transvaginal (TVT) mesh forums that women wanted to kill themselves rather than live with TVT side effects but I didn’t really believe they were serious. But I asked the surgeon -- who removed some of my mother’s mesh -- if my own mother could be in so much pain that she would kill herself,” says Kim. “He told me that in fact he knew of two women who chose to commit suicide rather than live with the agony of transvaginal mesh.”

Kim says those two women were scheduled for revision surgery - in an attempt to remove the mesh - but couldn’t face the possibility of it not being successful. Rarely can eroded mesh be completely excised.

“Right up until my mother Pam, age 62, had revision surgery, her doctor told her - for the past two years - there was nothing wrong,” says Kim. To make matters even worse, Pam’s first surgeon did the procedure with a DaVinci robot. “I found out later, from the surgeon who performed the revision surgery, that they slap a piece of mesh tape onto the area and they cannot even see what they are doing with this robot,” says Kim, adding that the surgeon recommended that the mesh be removed because it had eroded through Pam’s vaginal tissue.

“The first surgeon claimed it is better to do the TVM surgery robotically because there is a faster healing time, it is less invasive, and less risk for complications,” Kim explains. “But nothing can be further from the truth. I found out later that the DaVinci manufacturer and the hospital bully doctors into using it, regardless whether it is better for the patient: The hospital gets more money for the surgery, and they charge more to medical insurance plans. So my mom went ahead with this robotic surgery and right away it caused her nothing but trouble.

“My mom never recovered. She complained of feeling worse than before surgery but they said it was just surgical pain. She felt like she was sitting on razor blades, and for the last two years she just about lived on the couch; she couldn’t even sit down. She kept going to the same people who did the surgery and they always said there was nothing wrong.

“And as a result of the DaVinci surgery, she got Clostridium difficile, a bacterial infection that is hard to get rid of. She ended up in ICU with sepsis; her blood pressure plummeted right after the surgery and she almost died. She had thrush for two months - the surgery knocked out her immune system. When she finally went home, mom was debilitated and in agony. She would try to go to the store, cry and leave, doubled over in pain. No meds could help. A pain specialist did multiple injections but nothing worked.”

Pam finally found an ob/gyn and the only surgeon who listened to Pam and believed the mesh was causing her pain. He could actually feel a piece of mesh that had eroded into Pam’s vagina.

“After she got a second opinion from this surgeon, my mom’s original surgeon still insisted that removing the mesh would not help,” adds Kim. “No surgeon wants to take down their own work, but at some point you have to admit an error, even if it wasn’t a surgical error. Either way, patients need to know.”

Two weeks ago, the second surgeon excised the eroded mesh. When Pam woke from this revision surgery, she felt better immediately. Two days after surgery she was home with her daughter, sitting up and walking, chatting.

“For the past two years, mom cried all the time, she was so depressed,” says Kim. “Now she sat up and ate a meal. I hadn’t even seen her sit up for more than a year. She was afraid to admit she was feeling better: it was too good to be true. She didn’t want to jinx herself. Her pain went from 12 to 3, so it is now manageable. I think this is going to be a long healing process but she can now get groceries by herself, and she is driving.

There is still a possibility that she has nerve damage from the mesh in more than one place. Some of those mesh pieces are like sharp daggers that can pierce through the wrong thing. Every woman should know that transvaginal mesh is wrong, period. “

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My mother had been suffering from mesh surgeries since 2003. She was seen by the best doctor there is is the area, Dr. R. She was 68 at the time. Her lawyers filed her case around early 2011 against three of the alleged perpetrators. Last Winter one of the product manufacturers settled and the next step of how much each damaged woman would received. In early September / late August her lawyers told her to expect the final paperwork that she would sign, verifying the accuracy of her injuries. She waited and waited. She sat by the phone waiting for good news. All this time she was still moaning and screaming while urinating and suffering UTI's non-stop.
She finally received the letter she had been so waiting for on December 15th, ten day after she passed away at the age of eighty.
Now her "lawyers" tell us the estate is not allowed pain and suffering, which is enough of a Kafkian joke, but now they are saying that because she never was able to sign the injury form that the defendants can argue that she could have opted out and decided not to settle. And her "lawyers" are saying it's not worth trying to get money from theses negligent parties that left her in agony for the last years of her life.
My mother lived in California which I think hurts the case somehow, but could someone please help me and my family get some real JUSTICE for what they did to my sweet mother whom I miss greatly.

Thank you and best of luck to all the other women allegedly damaged by these uncaring corporations.

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I have been in a prison of debilitating pain since my mesh surgery n 2009. It only get progessively worse. Yes I dnt want to live like this and have tried to comment suicide,I did. They had to revive me 3xs. I was on life support for 3 days n icu. Then I became a mental case or an addict bc I desperately begged for pain relief. My boys were taken my husband lost his military career. I have lost my whole world and my quality of life is 0 and I'm barely able to stand moving. Please give me hope that there is a possibility atleast can get better.... I need help I dnt know where to go for help

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I had pelvic sling surgery done in 2007, aftwards I kept a catheter in a week and he went back in loosened one side of it. I have pelvic pain off and on, painful sex at times, just started feeling nausea on Sunday with body aches, woke up with strep throat symptoms so I went to clinic then my stomach swelled up and it hurt to touch, ended up in ER with 102 temp, gave me antiobiotics and pain meds and sent me home with another catheter because they notices I was retaining urine, went to the doctor who did my surgery, he took the cathether out. I still have body aches but the pelvic pain is gone for now, is it possible I have septis from this?

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I had bladder/urethta surgery in Aug and had to go back again because the mesh had eroded through the top of my vaginal wall. One thing not to long after surgery I started to get diarrhea progressively worse, started to have no appetite what's so ever, had nausea all the time , started to vomit everytime I ate . I'm 5'3 and have lost about 30 pounds, anyway I have a lot of pain in my pelvis arts and to top it off sex again is not to happen until I have another check up, well besides all of those symptoms I have unbearable pain in my stomach area or between my rib cage and under my right side of my rib cage. These attacks that I am having are so painful that the pain literally drops me to the floor . Anyways primary referred me to a gastroenterologist and had to have blood work done as well as stool symptoms and now I have C. Diff. I need help don't know where to go for help. My husband is as lost as myself . Ever since this surgery I fell like my second foot wants to join my first foot in the grave. I just feel like crap about 90% of the time. Any suggestions , as soon as I did some reading about C. Diff it confirmed in my thinking that it is related to the survey. When my bowls started to turn terrible I even brought it up to my Dr that did the surgery but nothing was ever said please someone help

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i too, would rather die then live with the pain this mesh is causing me. The doctors cannot do anything because the mesh has been in too long, 9 years and would be impossible to remove. It's a like a fire burning inside me. I don't think there is any Dr. anywhere who could solve this problem, other then pain medication but that only takes the edge off I am still in intense suffering. I am not asking for help from anyone because I know there is no one out there who can help me, unless they would help me die peacefully.

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What an sad and all to common story , I am a victim of mesh and can relate to the constant pain and the implanting docs disbelief in the product causing harm. Horrible

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I agree completely that transvaginal mesh can cause pain severe enough to make a woman consider suicide. Because I lived through that nightmare. After a transvaginal mesh surgery in 2010, I spent 5 months in complete agony. I went from being a healthy, active, athletic wife and mom of 4 kids to a woman in severe pain who could not sit, walk or have sex. As the months went on, I became bedridden with pain. I could not touch my legs together because it felt like steel wool wrapped around my urethra. I couldn't even pee on my own, I had to self-cath. I truly almost died - I know many times I wished I would. Removal of the mesh immediately erased my urethral pain. But 3 years and 6 surgeries later, I'm still dealing with the vaginal nerve damage and other issues that the mesh caused. It is NOT WORTH IT to have this surgery. I would rather leak when I cough or sneeze. I would rather wear a diaper my whole life than go through this hell. I will likely live in pain for the rest of my life, be unable to sit or have sex, and need pain medication. But my pain levels now are much, much less than when the mesh was still in. Women need to hear this. They need to know that when their surgeon says there may be "complications" those complications are not just little inconveniences. They are life altering, severely painful consequences.

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I chatted with a very devastated and angry man who's mother committed suicide because of mesh pain, i understand the desperation and pain and desire to be pain free when no one seems to care in the medical world.....and I know the instant relief right out of surgery when the mesh is removed ..pain does go down by half immediately!


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