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Ethicon's Panacryl and Vicryl "Absorbable" Sutures: Abnormal

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Johnson City, TNLinda Girard and Michelle Groff live miles apart; they had different doctors and had completely different surgeries, but they had one thing in common: Ethicon's Vicryl sutures, the same makers of Panacryl sutures, were used. And both women suffered excruciating pain from life-threatening infection caused by sutures that did not absorb. There is currently a lawsuit against Panacryl sutures...

"I had exactly the same problems that Panacryl sutures caused," says Groff. "These Vicryl sutures caused granulomas (small areas of inflammation due to tissue injury) and my doctor called them 'spitting sutures'. He told me that my body would absorb them within a few months, but that never happened.

Ethicon surgery"In 2005 I had surgery for an ACL reconstruction - I tore a ligament in my knee—and was sent home to recover. But exactly one week later I developed a fever and had extreme pain in my knee that had the surgery. I noticed a red blotch like a burn right above it and the pain got so bad that I went back to ER.

My white cell count was very high - a sign of infection. The ER doctor drained my knee that night and said I needed surgery right away to clear the infection. They did surgery first thing in the morning. I was in hospital for four days with a pic line pumping heavy antibiotics into my vein. They assigned an infectious disease doctor to me and he prescribed more antibiotics to take home.

During my post-op visits to the orthopedic doctor I would complain that pus was coming out of the incision and the sutures were spitting—they were coming up through my skin and it was an awful pain. At one point he took a few sutures out and said it was 'nothing abnormal'. But how normal is 18 months and three more surgeries to finally get rid of the problem? The diagnosis was MRSA—a bacterial infection that is resistant to antibiotics. I still don't know if I am completely rid of this infection but I do know those sutures stayed in my body for a very long time.

I asked the original surgeon, the one who performed the surgery on my knee, why it kept getting infected. He doubted it could be from the surgery because it didn't happen right away. He said I possibly had a bacteria on my skin that could have caused it. But this infection was deep in my knee so it was obvious that something had gone wrong during the surgery. At the time I had no idea these sutures could have been the cause.

I did some research online and read that Ethicon, the makers of Panacryl and Vicryl sutures, voluntarily recalled both products at different times and I also read that most doctors didn't even know about the recall. In fact these sutures were still on some hospital shelves. Not one month ago I saw a plastic surgeon (again for my knee) and he had never heard of the recall. I insisted that he not use Vicryl or Panacryl sutures and he reassured me that he would use another brand, made by another manufacturer.

I've lost a lot of money—even with Blue Cross I am in a lot of debt. And I missed almost three months of work; I work for a non-profit company so I was lucky because they hired me back. I am only 35 and it's going to be a long haul to get back on my feet again, both physically and financially.

I know about the lawsuit against Panacryl but even if there isn't a lawsuit against Vicryl, I want to warn others to stay away from this product. I wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy, not even the people at Ethicon. But they should be held responsible. I don't know about Vicryl but I do know they didn't test the Panacryl sutures enough.

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I could not agree with you more, since 2013 when my husband had surgery in his spine, he has never been the same since.....things pop out of (fibres) pop out of his lesions/cuts, infected sites, all over, his scars are in his left him and and left front part of the neck( bone graft and spinal fusion) but these fibires seem to migrate and try to escape through any opening in his body....he has MRSA, so the only thing they do is give antibiotics...and sterioid cream.which only helps if the infection is so horroable that he has to lye down( otherwise he has to stand cause the lesions are all over(legs, hips, face , neck, arms, feet hands thighs) he drains he lesions himself casue the dr;s and ER send him away tellling him he is crazy and to stop picking at these "cuts" if he didnt drain them, god knows what would of happened to him ...listening to your body is the best thing to do,,,your body is alive and knows when somthing is wrong.. I have unfortunatlly lost faith in the health care system..I went to laywers to get help but they dont help unless i can identify the manufacturere of Suture ( for years I thought it was mesh, I was wrong) and on top of it, his surgeon wont see him anymore,,so now he has no surgeon,,and no other surgeon wants to help!!! the last straw was when his teath started to break from eating( a sandwich: ham and cheese on white bread, soft food) and to go to dentist he needs to be cleard by infectious disease dr...but he still has outbreaks......I feel so lost and have no idea what to do,,,no one wants to help or knows how to help..if you have any suggessitions i would greatly APPPRECIATE it!!!! no one should suffer like this..and dr's are silenced and big pharma companies care only about and light to you and your situation..

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How do I find out about an ongoing class action lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson or whomever to join it. Asking this in Sept. 2016 since so many lawsuits seem to have either been resolved or thrown out (ignored or whatever)?

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I am going thru hell with pain and medical problems last 3yrs and been put on medrol packs every month because of excessive inflamation. None of my Dr.s knew what was causing my issues until now my pain Dr. Brought up the stitches because they still have not disolved and have granulomas all over and scarring of my lungs. I have even had a spinal fusion 9mo ago due to my bones degenerating and lost all my teeth this year, im only 38 and recent cat scan shows partial obstruction in abdomen looking surgical related. I am in chronic pain and miserable, I spent my entire savings on the 2 plastic surgeries after losing alot of weight and having excess skin and still look terrible from not healing right and although the surgeon is not going to charge to fix some of it, I still have to come up with money for O.r. and to be put to sleep for another surgery probably 2 5hr surgeries now which is thousands more out of my pocket that I do not have at all and can not come up with especially now since im disabled from my back issues and not healing from it as well as needing 6,000 to pay for my dental surgery, I can't afford either now. I don't know what to do, I have had vicril 910 braided used and not sure if the other kind was used yet. I don't know if I should find a Lawyer or what the process is to get financial assistance getting these sutures removed and reconstruction of all these scars, I look terrible now and my husband already divorced me for another woman because he said he didn't want to be stuck with a sick person. I know hes worthless for that but I'm now a single mother with no help whatsoever with my 4 children and sick. Please any advice or experience with problems of the same nature from these sutures would be very appreciated.

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I had a Perforated Flap reconstruction march 2015, I began the process of holes opening and at one point a suture came out. I was told I may have been allergic , then the dr told me she had 3 women in a row and it may have been the sutures. Ultimately I had to have them removed. Im not sure about any of this, but anybody else have problems around the same time? Thank you!

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I had surgery on a 2cm hernia and almost died at least 3 times this vicryl suture 4.0 is a nightmare I was dehydrating i had constant irregular heartbeats and everything i ate made my sugar levels elevate in the 4 to 5 hundred range now everything i eat burns thank god my husband-boyfriend has knowledge of the body and how it works and has knowledge of chemicals and science because doctors couldn't figure it out but he did. He believes what was happening was according to him the lactide coating on the polyglatin 910 makes it degrade even slower than normal rate he believes and I know he is right and we have proof for I have had bacteria in my urine since this operation took place in September 2014 well these things sutures unwound in my body they were placed between my hernia and my esophagus began to unwind and they crystallized and basically poisoned my food as i was eating it i started to sweat, my heart pounded, i bought a blood sugar meter started using it my blood sugar flew through the roof I mean would go up to 478, bouts of nausea/vomiting and I think my doctor knew cause he had me on zolfran for over a year it was like he wanted the poison to stay inside me now I eat something I get a burn at the sight of the surgery and it radiates throughout my entire body I can only Imagine what i AM GOING TO GO THROUGH NEXT we went right to the board of health they are investigating they think we have a lawsuit against the Doctor The Hospital that allowed him to use a suture that had been recalled in 2010 mind you I had surgery in September of 2014 the purpose of a recall in the United States is because the product is dangerous and each one needs to be accounted for so no further danger is allowed to happen why didnt Johnson and Johnson do its due dilligence and find where some of these were lurking is beyond me they have lot numbers so they can be traced to there final destination something tells me Johnson and Johnson didn't want to know and ignorance is a crime in a situation like this.

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I had acl surgery December 5 2013, my knee was red around the 3 inch incession the smaller incessions trying to heal up a few weeks after surgery, I could tell that my body was rejection the vicrol and panara sutures when I went to the doctor 2 weeks after the acl surgery I told the doctor that it looked infected and that my body was rejecting the sutures and he said it was not and put me on antibotics. I had to go back to the doctor ever week afterwards. The 5th week the incession healed and then popped yellow stuff was pouring out. I went to the doctor the next day and they finally said on the 5th or 6 week that it looked staff infection. On the 8th week I was rushed into surgery to remove the sutures and clean out the infection knee is still in pain 3 4 months later

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I had a complete Hysterectomy in may of 2008....They used O-vicryl numerous areas during my surgery... I have suffered from H-Pylori, Ecoli....IBS.....Polopys in my infection after another....I need too know if there is a recall or a lawsuit ....on this crap...I have went through a living hell...Has anyone suffered the same symptoms...??? You talk about getting hit with a ton of bricks...I need some answers

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I had a trans vaginal hysterectomy in 1996 and I was in so much pain kept getting infection s so when I did go back to the Dr I had to have a whole hysterectomy in 1999 it messed my whole life up I live with the pain every day if my life they should have told me the vicry1 suture was contaminated so I could have gotten the right treatment then so I wouldn't had to go through so much pain and anguish all theses years it's dead wrong on there part and should pay for what they have done and messed up so many lives

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I am dealing with this one month into a melanoma removal from my lower leg. Returned to my Dr. last week for infection that wont heal and these sutures coming through my closed incision and from openings starting in my closed incision. I now have more places which are still trying to expell them! Very painful and have missed so much work from the infection and dr. visits to deal with this!

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need help with panacryl suit. required second surgery because of the products failure.

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While the Panacryl suture is now of issue for law suits,the vicryl sutures have never actually been resolved and have had far reaching harm for many yrs since it was in the spot light and repeatedly recalled,currently so,with many since it was litigated.I am a early victim when these were put in my chest in a breast operation.Who focused on sutures being dangerous,and deadly.While I noticed various things shortly after,that I had to believe was something I could answer as why.Then I should have died when gotten into my organs(GAllbladder/liver)that I had to fight doctors to even check despite a raging infection and unbearable abdominal pain for nearly a yr and I bedridden and skin and bones.I had to hire a surgeon myself and fire the doctor who tried to convince me it was in my female organs.Taking my reproductive system to again put these sutures in my.These would work into my bowls and I bled for 2 1/2 yrs until I fought to hire a surgeon to go in and deal with this.This began causing ruputures in my face that again I was sent back to the intial doctor having put them in my face and was still using them a decade later.Insistant that there was nothing wrong with them despite visually working up and across my face like moving scars that forced up as strange hard layer.These sutures have tunneled thru me like a cancer,but are man made.I have traced them now to 5 different medical facility and them repeatedly used in me everytime I incurred a health/medical problem.while treated crazy as they continued to visually disfigure me and it took me a dozen yrs of fighting to find someone and treatment for this that I knew was seriously defective and met with that of turned back on me as if I either was crazy,causing it to myself,or determined to ignore that going on right under doctors noses.Even when the facts dropped right into my lap about these deadly sutures doctors wished to dismiss them and claim such as that they could not find anything about and could not be the problem.I have nearly died at least 3 times,lost a child,lost organs and my reproductive system,currently have the abnormal fibrotic layer forcing up thru my skin,had to endure unbearable pain and suffering,suffered on health problem after another,and these sutures do not desolve and continue to tunnel while fragmenting,under the skin trying to be rejected by the body,with the deep subjection of them put in my chest and running stitch around each of a higher gauge than was use in the excises in my face excises when it ruptured there and would not heal,with doctor putting back in me the same thing to layer a double nightmare that ran up one site in and thru my eye.In all this I fought long and hard and to become homebound unable to get medical help and care,being ignored and poopooed,with doctors claiming such not sutures that failed to desolve.In a last effort to regain my health or throw in the towel,resorted to healthier alternatives,to begin a hell on earth insanity,causing me to literally fight and claw up the walls of my grave,when my defense system kicked in and I had fibers popping out my skin up to 6 inches long.that having formed a hard layer around the suture forced up thru my skin and I unable to get help needed that surgery was required to remove it as the only effective treatment.Such a mesh that caused a abnormal layer formed around it of that tunneled under the skin from several excises having tunneled and twisted together under one eye on one side and across and up against my cheek bone and nose,on the other.Which had cut off my sinuses until I unable to sleep or it worked up my head,neck and face I lost hearing in one ear and tightened my head that I lost my shortterm memory,when I managed to cleanse my system and colon for my body to reject this it forced the hair out of my head.had work down my extremities.I literally saw these in the hands of doctors trying to convince me they were safe and use all the time w/out problems,these having taken now a decade and half of my life and health,to have them be on the urgent recall list the next month.While the Panacryl sutures are of issue now in a class action suit,why is this company not hammered for continuing to be caught and repeating this after being sued once?the more I check the more horror stories I find.I have 3 doctors and facitlities that put them in me that it is insane to not think that during all the yrs they used by them there is not countless people having died or caused inexcuseable nightmares,disabled,disfigured and worse.I documented what happened to me and continues not knowing if I would survive,hoping someone else could be spared in the event I did not,if I could get the documentation and also that which I collected having been forced out of me up thru the skin.I have lost everything in efforts to survive this,that includes my health,looks and physical capacities.It is impossible to get medical care of doctors to take serious these effects of these sutures that they cannot bother checking the history on and simply want to process as disposable assets,while we suffer from big medicine as these companies get away with things like this


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