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Kugel Mesh Symptoms Should Not Be Ignored

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Seattle, WAMany people who have been implanted with the Kugel Mesh Patch have suffered serious and in some cases life-threatening, side effects. The reported complications are incredibly painful and some even fatal. Although patients have survived the broken memory recoil ring, many face life-long complications because mesh has adhered to their intestines or other problems have arisen.

People who know they have had the Kugel Mesh Patch implanted can take action against the manufacturer, Davol Inc.. Lawsuits have already been filed against the company, alleging the patch caused serious complications. However, there are some people who have had hernia surgeries and are unable to find out what patches were used on them. Others may experience complications but ignore them, thinking the side effects are a normal part of recovery.

Kugel Mesh surgeryUnfortunately, serious complications from the Kugel Mesh Patch are not simply a normal side effect from surgery. They are a sign that something is wrong and must be dealt with immediately. Some patients have reported "going septic." Septic shock is a very serious condition that is caused by infection and sepsis. It can cause multiple organ failure and death. Although septic shock can be treated, the mortality rate is still around 50 per cent.

Other people have reported that they felt as though they still had a hernia after their hernia repair surgery. Many have reported severe pain, tenderness, difficulty moving and swelling at the site of the surgery. Some have fevers, nausea, and diarrhea.

Unfortunately, many patients who have had complications after hernia surgery are not sure whether or not the Kugel Mesh Patch was used. In some cases, they contact their doctors to find out but their questions are ignored. One woman says she was asked "Why does it matter?" when she asked her doctor if the Kugel Mesh Patch was implanted during her hernia repair surgery.

However, it is your right to know if a recalled product has been implanted during surgery. If you have had hernia surgery and are suffering serious complications, ask your doctor about the patch. If he or she refuses to tell you, be persistent. You should know what has been put in your body, especially if you believe it is causing serious health problems. A few people have died after complications from the Kugel Mesh Patch. Others have required surgery to remove the broken ring and mesh.

Davol Inc. received reports of problems with the patch in 2005. In fact, in a three-month span, 10 memory recoil rings broke causing serious problems for patients. At the time, Davol blamed the problem on doctors using improper implanting techniques and placing too much stress on the recoil ring. However, within the year the company determined that the problem was actually the result of a failure on the device's ring weld.

The Kugel Mesh Patch has since been recalled, but it has been linked to at least 80 injuries and three deaths. Because the company advised doctors to consider whether or not already implanted devices should be taken out of patients, there are still patients who have the Kugel Mesh Patch implanted and could develop problems in the future.

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I have proof of the Davila hernia recalled mesh implanted ine. I have had a lot of trouble with it I now have proof after going to two different surgeons that the mesh has disconnected from the coil springs and is doubled up in folded up in my abdomen I am requiring a surgery to have it removed. I have been putting the surgery off for about three or more years now but I can't stand it any longer . What are well what is my next move I'm not sure whether to get the surgery or how serious it might be I'm 60 years old. Please contact me and let me know what I need to do I also have had many CT scanand it shows another hernia underneath where the mesh is folded

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I have had many groin surgeries for hernia repair over the last twenty years. It has been hard to get answers, justice, and compensation for all the pain and suffering that I experience. I have even had to have Fistula Repair due to failure of this product, multiple hospital stays and surgeries. I have went to at least three attorney offices, who have wasted my time just to tell me that I probably don't have a strong case, but my medical records say differently. I have no ideal what to do next to get any justice or fairness because of all of this.

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I had a ventral hernia repair in 2000, I've had two surgeries on my breast which the Dr's say I have a rare skin problem called pyrodermagangrenosom that they claim it develops from having a autoimmune disease which they say it may be Crohn's, just wondering could it have any relation because these were my first surgeries after my hernia repair, I actually have problems with my bowels now. Thanks for your feedback. Claudett Brown


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