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Class-Action Lawsuit Filed over Fixodent Zinc Poisoning

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Sacramento, CAA class-action lawsuit including plaintiffs from across the US was recently filed claiming Fixodent zinc poisoning caused permanent damage to their nervous systems, reports.

The lawsuit contends that Fixodent did not list zinc as one of its ingredients, causing users to be unaware of how much of the substance they were putting into their bodies.

"Our clients are in walkers, they're in wheelchairs, places they never thought they would be," an attorney for the plaintiffs told the news provider. "We have three clients that have passed away since we started litigating."

According to the news source, Proctor & Gamble's Fixodent is not the only denture adhesive to have been the subject of a zinc- poisoning lawsuit, as the attorney also previously filed a complaint against GlaxoSmithKline, the makers of SuperPoligrip.

The attorney told the news source that he hopes the latest action taken against Proctor & Gamble will prevent the inclusion of zinc in Fixodent in the future.

According to ABC News, the potential link between zinc poisoning and denture adhesives was first discovered by researchers at the University of Texas approximately five years ago.

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my liver levels are elevated.....experiencing pain in both feet and both toes are numb. gallbladder was removed. have used denture paste since 1998 are these symptoms due to denture paste?

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My mother used Fixodent for 30 years. She started loosing her ability to walk...tingling in hands and feet ,balancing was off She had all the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. I took her to a specialist in Houston Texas. The doctor did diagnose her with zinc poisoning and copper deficiency. He said it was due to over use of Fixodent. My mother use to run hoops around me and cut her own lawn and plant an acre garden every year by herself. Now she can't walk outside to pick up her newspaper. Please let me know where I can file a lawsuit or help my mother to do so. Our doctors have video and audio coverage of all of my mothers doctors appointments and her walking capabilities. In these videos he clearly states that everything is due to zinc poisoning and with it come the depletion of copper in her body and it left her with a very bad vitamin deficiency from using Fixodent.

Posted by

I have been diagnosed with Zinc toxicity and Copper deficiency and that was in July of 2013, since then I have had 2 major surgeries on my back because of this. I have been trying to find a lawyer to help with this as I will never be able to go back to work. (and I am only 53 years old) and will never have the golden years with the people I love. but to all of you good luck as not one lawyer will do a damn thing even with the proper documents to back me up.

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Hello, I have been using Fixodent and now I'am experiencing pain in my hands weakness through my legs and difficulty swallowing . It feels as though there is something is lodged in my throat. I feel as though I can not breathe at times . I have to apply Fixodent at 4 times daily ... It says to only apply once daily , but it does not last . And then it starts going loosing up and goes down my throat burning my throat . Never a day I do not feel like something is is caught in my throat . And I have my dentures adjusted .

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Just heard of this issue with Fixodent. I'm experiencing health issues pain in feet, legs some pain with entire body. One of feeling of something caught in my throat. Not being able to eat a lot of foods because of feeling like it is caught in my throat.

Posted by

I'm seeing a lot of these symptoms that have happened to my mother, she has been wearing dentures for over 40 years. Over the years she has had problems with her legs and feet hurting and burning. She has had kidney problems. For a long time she has had balancing problems with her walking, 2 months ago she fell and broke her arm to, she has not got over that yet either. With everything else going on, it may have had a lot to do with a triple bypass and a heart valve replacement to 6 years ago. My Mother is now 85 years old and I know age will have a lot to do with it to. She's been dealing with problems with constipation for years to. I know this is to much info but my Mother is real important to me and I'm trying to figure out a lot of problems she has had for years now.

Posted by

I have been experiencing tingling and numbness in my arms, fingers, hands and feet. Nausea,vomitting, diarrhea. Loss of appetite and I have even passed out on two occasions. I'm experiencing gut renching pain that knocks me to my knees. I have this constant drainage down the back of my throat that tastes like metal. Severe weight loss; over 100 lbs. My quality of life has been affected.

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I have been sick since November with numerous sinus infections and other health issues. No health professional could find a cause. I finally realized that was when I started using fixodent. I stopped, and my symptoms are decreasing.

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I have been worn dentures about 30 years. I have used poligrip and all the products. I have had numerous health issues similiar to the probles mentioned. I did not know anything about the class actions. I found out about this December 2014. Is it too late too do anything about it?

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I have been using fixodent for over ten years. I called the other day to complain about my fixodent not holding. I told them I was applying it at least 4-6 times day!! It wasn't until I called that I learned that fixodent was formulated for only one time a day application. The woman was very concerned and asked if I had symptoms. When I asked her what the symptoms were, she did not tell me. I researched it and I have been having symptoms for quite a while. I have neuropathy in upper and lower extremities. Also I have been to the ER because my legs seemed to turn to jelly and I fell more than once or twice. I usually have multiple tubes of fixodent around just b to make sure I'm not w/o it. I sometimes go through a tube or more a month.

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I just heard of this problem with Fixadent. I have used Fixadent for years to keep my teeth in place. I have been diagnosed with neuropathy


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