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FedEx Law Suit: Couriers Sign Up

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Yorbalinda, CADebbie Johnson worked as a courier at FedEx for more than 20 years. She loved her job, but recently she has come to dread going to work. "FedEx was based on the PSP philosophy - people, service, profit," she said, "But now it's spelled backwards."

"The company started changing in the early 90s and most of us couriers were forced to do unrealistic tasks," says Debbie. "We were constantly given more work to do and if we didn't get all the work done by the end of the day, we had constant write-ups and disciplinary actions such as suspensions and even termination without any cause. These "new ways" crept up on us.

We hoped it was a phase, a sign of the times, so we stayed with FedEx, hoping this general attitude would change. But it just got worse. I started to dread going to work. Had it not been for my customers, I would have quit a long time ago. But then I thought, why should I quit? These guys can't force me out! I had put a lot of time and effort into this company and I was always a good employee. Everyone was happy with me but management made me feel that I wasn't doing my job well enough. Some customers that knew me well could tell I was stressed , especially when I couldn't give them the service they were used to - at times I couldn't even ask them, 'Hey, how are you doing today...'

It was obvious that we, as older couriers, were being targeted. I am 48 now and it started in my late 30s. So why are they trying to shove us out? It boils down to this: I make a lot more money than a new employee and this is why they want to get rid of us. It was blatantly obvious.

I still work at FedEx but many of my fellow workers have left. It is hard, when you have done the same job for 20 years and have no other skills to go somewhere else. I have my retirement planned, I am due a pension and medical insurance but if I leave the company early, I can kiss medical goodbye - a huge priority for me. I've always loved my job but the stress level got so great - constantly being nagged by management has just about ruined my self-esteem.

They would do the most asinine things to drag you down. For example, I got written up for taking they key to my FedEx delivery vehicle home. I asked numerous employees, all younger, if they had ever been written up for key-taking. They all thought I was joking - there was no way I could be disciplined for something so ridiculous - a key you put in your pocket 100 times a day.

With a slew of nit-picking incidents like this, I had a feeling of hopelessness about my job. I was very stressed and always carried a feeling of dread - what's going to happen today to make me feel worthless? But I knew better and that is why I am still here today - I am able to rise above them. Still, in the back of my mind I am always wondering if they are going to make something up and fire me.

I knew about a pending lawsuit from other employees - they told me about it a few years back. I didn't want to go down that road and tried everything possible to get through my time here but I started to get horribly harassed by one person in particular - my boss. I contacted the dept of labor and they suggested that I speak to an attorney. I sought legal advice from an outside attorney and he told me that he would accept my case and that it was indeed age discrimination - this happened about one year ago.

After speaking to the employees that are involved in this lawsuit, I decided to join with the class action - it is less stressful for me and this law firm has done a lot of work on plaintiffs' behalf.

As for the outcome, I want to see FedEx as the company it once was, one that cares about its employees. I feel like I have given them the best years of my life and we are being treated so unfairly. We have had hours taken away, our routes have been changed - my route was cut in half and given to a younger employee. I used to work 48-50 hours a week and it dropped down to about 33 hours. This was a huge cut in pay and I found it hard to make ends meet.

They tried to take away my self-esteem but I know I am one of the best couriers they've got.

As an aside: I know that FedEx just settled in another class action regarding time we weren't getting paid for. People had to sign a paper stating they wanted to be involved in the class action so they could be compensated. But many did not participate because they were afraid of the repercussions - maybe they would get fired. That is very unfortunate. I think that employees like me, that have been around a long time, have invested so much into this company. I know I went through the proper channels first before reverting to a lawsuit. I went to upper management with my concerns and I was laughed at. Couriers have no other recourse and I am going to sign and some already have.

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fedex does bully and pick on the older people with the company ive seen it the over 40 and over 20 rules. either they write you up for petty things put you with a bully or bad group and once you complain and take the steps..FAKE HR REP. manager sr manager it just gets worse over 25 years terminated. now theres a lawsuit in the works. fedex is cut throat and like most corporate companies (fedex always says they are better )they only want profit and the mangers try their best to eliminate older employees

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let's face it, FedEx has changed. it always has and it's only way of competing with ups is to change with the times. I just retired with almost 29 years of service. I was sick of the numbers game and everything else at FedEx . I wasn't the happiest camper in the tent but I am happy I stuck it out and collecting a pension. don't go into shock when you see how much out of your pocket you will be paying for your medical. if you want to complain wait till you try to live off their "great pension".

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she said it started in her 30's. The abuse. Learn how to read.

Posted by

Worked for fedex ground 1987-1997 1998-2005 in Nashville tn terminal 372

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Hold up barb, I have been with this company for 27 years and was just terminated on Sept. 22, 2011. WHY? because of attacks from my manager of 5 years.It got so bad I asked to be removed from his work group but no one did a thing to help me.even HR rep. that is on FedEx payroll. So I know how this company treats their employees,and Hell yeah I'm suing the company and I hope my manager loose his job.I have notes from 1990 on this company because I was terminated also in 1988 won my case and here we go again.So you see nothing has changed over the years same's not about having a job its about how people are treated and the manager's have too much power to do what they want.You just keep on working don't think that your day is not coming...wake up and see whats going on,why is this company in so many lawsuits...

Posted by

i agree with you barb. its very irritating to see people filing law suits against FDX. They wonder why we do not get raises or bonuses. Maybe they are pushing you out because you are making the rest of us at FDX look bad. its not the comp you need to go after its your management. they can always be replaced just like you

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I have just left FedEx Expess for the same basic reason as Debbie. I have worked at and visited a couple of stations and mybe some stations mgrs work for the driver but not here. I waisted 6 years there! Lies and abuse is all any one recieved at the stations I worked at. AT LEAST YOU HAVE A JOB! is what you where told and a letter or even have your hours cut if you spoke up. We are known as our emp # and they cant spell your name correctly I at least spoke to my emp's and cared about them..... There is a reason why people are suing! Open your eyes!!! Policy...Submission...Persecution

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No body deserved to get bully in the workplace expecially fedex,I can tell you some stories and yes i say sue because you gave them chance after chance and in return all they do is step all over you sue the b*stards!!!

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First off,i am said you have been with Fed Ex for more then 20 years...if you started in your late 30's, and your 48 now, how is that possible. Also, I am sooooooo sick of people suing this company, I have been here 20 years, and have worked for 3 different stations, in 2 different states, and yes there are things that don't always seem fair, and yes Fed Ex isn't the same company it used to be in the 90's...But do you have a job? When the economy went south did you get laid off? Did you have health insurance? where you able to make money? Did you get a pay cut? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! There is no such thing as a perfect job, and to say about yourself that you are one of the best couriers there, makes me wonder? Please take your sob story somewhere else, I am soo sick of this society of sueing everyone. Fruthermore, I have been assaulted at work, have been hurt bad with something falling on me, on the job, and not once did I take fedex to court..O by the way I have been at FedEx since i was 23 and I am now 43, and have never seen anything like this.....Thanx for your help with eating away at my retirement!!!!!


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