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Crestor Lawsuits Still Percolating

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Los Angeles, CANot that Americans could be accused of popping any medication like candy. But there are times when consumers have become so desensitized to medications, that popping a pill such as an aspirin or a statin to rein in bad cholesterol is rarely given a second thought. However, with statins, and specifically Crestor, a second thought might be warranted with regard to Crestor side effects.
The most common Crestor issues are minor, such as muscle aches and joint pain. Advocates point out that a bit of discomfort in exchange for lowering the potential for a cardiovascular issue due to high levels of LDL cholesterol is a small price to pay for better health overall and a longer life.

But then there are the more serious Crestor issues, many of which have prompted many a Crestor lawsuit. There’s Crestor diabetes, which has been known to appear in Crestor patients without any history or risk factor for diabetes. There is Crestor rhabdomyolysis, a rare but potentially disastrous condition characterized by the breaking down of muscle fibers that are then absorbed into the bloodstream.

Then there is immune-mediated necrotizing myopathy (IMNM), an autoimmune myopathy that is associated with statin use. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notes that like Crestor rhabdomyolysis, IMNM is also rare - but still worthy of a label update, which the FDA mandated in October of 2012.

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Statins such as Crestor have long since been proven to help lower levels of so-called “bad” LDL cholesterol thought to increase the prevalence of artery-clogging plagues. The FDA and the medical community have consistently viewed the safety profile of statins favorably, noting that the benefits outweigh the risks for the intended patients. However, statins, and Crestor in particular, have their critics. In 2004, the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen petitioned to have Crestor banned from the market. In 2015, its view hasn’t changed, and it’s still waiting.

Of concern to critics of statins in general is the prevailing view of the medical community that statins should be used as preventative therapy for anyone over 50 - not just as treatment for Americans who exhibit the requisite risk factors for cardiovascular issues triggered from high levels of LDL cholesterol. The change could dramatically increase stain use, which in turn could exacerbate issues such as Crestor side effects.

The manufacturer of Crestor, AstraZeneca PLC, noted in its Form 20-F filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) back in March that as of the end of 2014 there were no fewer than 707 plaintiffs with claims pending in California state court, with two additional claims pending in the Eastern District of Kentucky. In their Crestor lawsuits, plaintiffs allege the gamut in terms of Crestor issues, including diabetes mellitus, various cardiac injuries, rhabdomyolysis, and/or liver and kidney injuries allegedly related to Crestor side effects.


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Both of my parents died early after taking this drug for many years. Their quality of life was awful. The drug basically took their life away from them. within 5 years loss of mobility, 7 years loss of memory, 8 years muscle and heart problems, 9 years, loss of use of hands and ability to speak. It is a crime that statins are still on the market.

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I am desperately seeking help for my 85 year old father. After being switched from Lipitor to Crestor, he now suffers with SEVERE muscle pain...legs, arms, shoulders, buttock. His Crestor use was a very short period of time and quit as soon as he became symptomatic. He has been off Crestor approximately 2 months but the pain he suffers seems to be increasing if anything. He started taking CoQ10 a couple weeks ago and takes Advil or Vicodin as needed for his pain, for the most part he just sleeps. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get help or other supplements that might help? The few doctors he has seen know nothing about these severe side effects and have been of no help what so ever! Any input would be forever appreciated....

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I started Zocor 10 years ago, for high cholesterol, which if I had high chol, I should have left it alone, I had horrible muscle pain, so off and on, I tried pravastin, and red rice, and in those years, my sugar stared going up ... so when it hit 149 I started to worry..... meanwhile,, the dr. never mentioned it... I never knew statins caused diabetes... so now im trying to control it, but my glucose was always .99 , back 15 years and up till I started statins, so I am really mad... I want to control it , im not on meds, and don't want to be.. the endo tried to stuff more pills on me... so I only go to my family dr, and he keeps mentioning meds... and I have all my records showing how my glucose went up...

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Starting taking generic Zocor over a year ago - then at my annual physical found lipid level muscle enzyme Creatine kinase (CK) )is an enzyme found in your muscles. Enzymes are proteins that help your body's cells do their jobs. The level of the CK enzymes rises when you have damage to muscle cells in your body) was high.
Dr. switched me to generic Crestor, took for 1 1/2 months and had such bad muscle aches and pains that I stopped that. Have not told Dr. yet because he will be upset and just give another brand to take. I have a family history of heart issues, and have developed a slight heart issue with mild Coronary Artery Disease but my Triglycerides and cholestrol only a bit high.
Of course i don't want to die yet but I know this stuff may help one thing but cause many others - so I must find an alternate way to deal with this.
Knowledgeable Dr of Chiropractic I trust - suggested Red Rice Yeast but must take CQ10 together Red Rice Yeast is a natural form of a statin.
I will try this and see how I feel after awhile to determine what is best for my quality of life I have left at 65 and beyond.
I know I have already lost muscle I can see it and feel it everyday.
Yes we each have to way what options are best for us but these prescription drugs are given as "one size fits all" and we are each unique. So this doesn't work for me while I have options.

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I have been on Crestor for 8 years now. I am 52 years old. Not over weight - Excercise 3 times a week. My cholestrol and triglyceride are very high. If I eat a lettuce leaf and don't take meds - I end up in hospital as my body makes the bad cholesterol and there is nothing I can do. The very high triglycerides affects my pancreas. So I have to take the statins or die. I do have side effects - Muscle ache etc. But I drink a lot of water and green tea and this seems to help. I inherited this problem from my mother - she is now 72 and has been on statins for 18 years now. Rather the aches than death

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My father started taking statin drugs around 2004 after a heart attach. For over a period of 8 years he took Crestor, Lipitor, and Vitorin and possibly others. The doctor would switch to a different statin when he would complain of muscle weakness. In 2012 he walked into a hernia surgery and shortly after lost all strength and was brought to specialists in Minneapolis for a few weeks where the doctors determined he had ALS and wanted him to go to a nursing home. We brought him home instead and he recovered some in a few weeks. He has had in the last few months 2 reoccurances of complete muscle lapse with life flights involved, being intubated, etc for about at least a week each time. His muscles have never regained strength and tone.

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MY husband was placed on statins 4 years ago. He shortly developed neuropathy in his feet. The pain is so severe at times. He ices his feet and takes Ibuprofen but does not really help. Before he was taking it, he had gained a lot of weight which raised his blood pressure and cholesterol. I put him on a diet. He lost 52 pounds and he now has perfect bp and cholesterol. He is very angry that he was never advised by his doctor what this stuff could do to him. He is very active and now some days he can barely walk. His podiatrist told him there was nothing he could do! He changed PCPs because of this but unfortunately he can't get rid of his pain.

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I took crestor for over a year and other generic forms of it...did not lower my levels at all,and when I stopped taking it all at one time,i think I had a mild heart attack,and no explains to you, that statins causes CQ10 deficiantcies, that cause heart failure type of situations...and,actually promotes ,heart attacks...oatmeal ,is the real answer,4 packs a day ,instant oatmeal...for real...did this for 4 months and my levels went from 360 to like 220...

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I am a RN back in the mid 2000,s approximately 2005,6 my husband was placed on Crestor and noted a locking of his right middle finger, I had researched side effects them and requested he stopped taking it. In 2011 prior to going to Afghanistan it was identified his Triglycerides were elevated and enable to deploy the medical team insisted he had to be placed on a Statin when he came back more fingers were locking. He had surgery. I then took him off Statin's again. The Statin Drugs have actually been pushed as part of Best Practice in our Medical Field despite the information being published in British Medical Journal. My father in law had also been placed on a Statin for very minimal elevated cholesterol. He started to reach a point were he could not get out of bed. He lives in WV he called and I reviewed his medications. He also stopped Statin drugs and the symptoms started to resolve but I noticed the muscle wasting and tone never did recover. I think those researching this drug should be aware. It is a silent Killer but has become part of best practice by Pharmaceutical Medical Professionals who gain much from pushing it while those who have taken in suffer greatly.


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