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"Nightmares from Chantix Drove Me Crazy"

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Flint, MIPosted on the Chantix website is a litany of side effects: one of the most common is abnormal dreams. But scroll down and in smaller print the popular smoking cessation drug also lists "nightmares". Harriet didn't read the small print and neither did anyone tell her that she would have nightmares so bad she would be afraid to go to sleep, and she would sink into depression.

Chantix Nightmares"I only heard about the positive side of Chantix," says Harriet (not her real name). "It was helping a few people at work to quit smoking so I asked my doctor to try it out." First, her doctor gave Harriet a smoking cessation test—a quick physical that checked her blood pressure and heart etc. and he talked about quitting smoking. But he negelected to tell Harriet of the psychological effects to look out for: they range from abnormal dreams to thoughts of suicide and in some cases, violent tendencies. "He gave me 3 packs of Chantix and I still have 2 packs in the closet," she says, adding that she is fortunate not to have taken all 3 packs.

"Soon as I started the Chantix I asked people at work who had taken the drug if they noticed any weird things happening. They had experienced mood swings, but I had nightmares. And I was more depressed than anything. I went back to my doctor—I even dreamed that I hurt one of my kids! 'I've given Chantix to several people and nobody has complained,' my doctor said. So I took it for another week but my moods got worse…

I am an outgoing person but I became reclusive and didn't want to do anything. I don't think it had anything to do with not smoking because as soon as I stopped taking Chantix my nightmares stopped and my depression lifted. And I had actually quit smoking temporarily—Chantix helped me to quit but this drug affected me mentally. Then I saw ads on TV talking about all these psychological side effects.

I saw a family interviewed on a morning talk show; they were talking about Chantix and their grandfather had committed suicide. His wife suspected it was this drug: at first he complained about nightmares. This drug takes you into a bad place. Lucky for me I didn't go down that far.

Last year sometime I started smoking again, probably a few weeks later. One girl at work stopped taking Chantix because of the psychological side effects and she also went back to smoking. When I found out the damage this drug could cause and there was a possible class action lawsuit, I wondered how the hell the drug company could make me take a drug like that and not tell me of the side effects. This stuff is crazy—the drug company should have done more research on this one. I know that nightmares are now listed on the label, but that doesn't mean people are going to read through all that fine print.

And it's a good thing I didn't listen to my doctor—he should listen to me! If I listened to him and stayed on this Chantix I might also be dead.

This is crazy—the drug company should have done more research on this one."

Chantix is already linked to suicidal behavior and terrifying nightmares, and it is once more being investigated by the Food and Drug Administration, this time for causing blackouts, vision problems, and other serious side effects. During its premarketing development of Chantix, Pfizer Inc., the manufacturer, listed abnormal dreams as one of the most common adverse events and noted nightmares in some patients.

On its website, Pfizer lists the psychiatric disorders of Chantix as the following:
Frequent: Anxiety, Depression, Emotional disorder, Irritability, Restlessness. Infrequent: Aggression, Agitation, Disorientation, Dissociation, Libido decreased, Mood swings, Thinking abnormal. Rare: Bradyphrenia, Euphoric mood, Hallucination, Psychotic disorder, Suicidal ideation.

According to the number of Chantix users LawyersandSettlements has interviewed, the rare disorders may not be so rare…


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I'm so tired of reading all these complaints. Everybody knows Champix may have bad side effects. I also had bad terrible dreams! So what! You should be aware of all possible side effects before taking any medicine. Champix have side effects. EVERYBODY knows! Still, it saved my life! I recommend it to everyone who wishes to stop smoking! Best of luck to all currently on their journey to stop, keep your goal in mind!

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No feelings of depression but oh yea, very vivid and uncomfortable dreams. It got to the point where I was dreading going to sleep. I decided to stop taking Chantix after 1 month.

Posted by

The problem is that this is even needed. Cigarettes are so addictive, and non smokers always say it's a choice. Sure, at 13 it was a choice the first few times. The last 35 years have not been. But still cigarettes are perfectly legal. If you are a smoker you know how sick this is. They let you purchase a drug they KNOW you WILL become addicted to and then tell you are bad for using it, but do nothing to stop the drug from being available. Nothing.

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This is so messed up. My husband has been on Chantix six wks now (2nd time around) and told me tonight he wants to leave me, is afraid of me, and when I pressed him why, his answer is that he's scared of me. He's been having nightmares that I'm trying to kill him. Several dreams; he's not sleeping well and he's definitely depressed. I'm calling his dr first thing in the morning to tell her he has to stop this drug. It's sad, too. Almost fifty years smoking, how he's on oxygen and terminal, and he's having a really hard time this time with Chantix. it's not worth throwing away twenty five years of marriage for this drug. And, for the record, he's a tough war veteran and not scared of anything; but, right now, he's scared of me. FRAK

Posted by

I find it funny that so many people who have made a conscious choice to start smoking and devoted years of their lives to actively destroy their bodies now can't be bothered to bear any discomfort for any lenght of time in order to kick the habit.

"Oh, it gives me bad dreams and a queasy tummy, they should totally take it off the shelves." Really, people?

Near-sighted and self-centered can't even begin to describe that statement.

It also sounds so ridiculously funny when you think long term. I mean, if you can't stand a "queasy tummy", how long do you think you'd cope with chemotherapy?

In truth, when people say things like that, what I hear is:

"Well I'm angry because it was supposed to be this magic pill that would undo years of damage and give me instant fresh breath, but it turns out it doesn't work like that."

No, really, you're disappointed because you bought a smoking cessation AID - and it refuses to quit FOR you? Who could possibly have seen that coming, uh?

Moreover, it's not anyone else's fault that you're such an unique and delicate snowflake who cleverly exploits your charm and wit to make up for an absolute lack of fortitude.

Stripping down your rant to the core, what you're saying is, "well, if I could not work my way through the side effects, then NO ONE ELSE should have Champix as an option".

Which is, of course, BS.

I get nauseous too. Yeah, I have the nightmares, I wake up several times during the night and I have been slightly irritated lately (in case you haven't noticed, haha).

But it's working (for the second time) and I am confident that any discomfort I'm feeling NOW will be well worth it a few weeks down the road, when I'll be out of both nicotine and pills.

It's a small price to pay in order to break free from a cage built mostly out of my own stupidity. And after abusing my body and health for 30 years, is it any wonder that I can't just quit scot free without any downsides, even if temporary? If that was possible, there would be no smokers to begin with.

I understand I am not entitled to a smooth transition. This is not a trivial matter - I am QUITTING A DRUG. Some measure of suffering is to be expected.

And I am fully aware that if I try to avoid it altogether, I WILL FAIL and I'll go right back to smoking.

Therefore, I will face it instead. I will puke my guts out if I have to, I'll be crabby and miserable for a couple weeks, but I will NOT keep buying my way into a slow, painful and expensive death just so I don't have to face any discomfort NOW.

Obviously, one could just as easily shed any personal responsibility on how their own future will play out, suffer the inevitable failure and then blame it on the drug, on big pharma, on anyone else except themselves.

Nobody really cares.

But it would be NOICE if people would stop with the fear mongering BS.

Thousands of people have used it successfuly. I bet they all suffered with side effects, but they suceeded because thet were willing to face it in order to break free from tobacco.

In my case, Champix did the trick TWICE - when all else have failed. I've tried quitting cold turkey, but couldn't do it. I've spent a fortune on patches and gum, to no avail.

Then I took Champix and stayed smoke-free for two years. The side effects subsided shortly after I stopped taking the pills.

After two years and a few bad choices I was back to two packs a day, but I take full responsibility for that failure.

Now I'm taking Champix again. I went from 2 packs a day to zero in two weeks. I haven't smoked for a month and I don't feel like smoking again.

It's helping me the same way it's helping millions of people.

I don't think anybody can could up with a reasonable argument to justify why those people should NOT be helped.

Yeah, people will moan about side effects.

Of course there are side effects. It's a drug to treat addiction - one that is harder to beat than cocaine and alcohol.

If you come in expecting a walk in the park, OF COURSE you will be disappointed, but whose fault is it?

If you feel it's not for you, DON'T TAKE IT.

But whatever it is that makes you think you're qualified to decide whether OTHER PEOPLE should be allowed to take it or not, it only exists in your head. It's not REAL.

Worse yet, every person you scare away from this treatment with your fear mongering is someone who might not be able to quit by other means.

Someone who could have been saved, but wasn't, because of you.

Because you're more interested in venting your frustration, running your mouth or digging for gold with frivolous lawsuits rather than reaching for the truth.

Shame on you.

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I have been on Chantix for 4 days now. The past two nights my boyfriend said that I was kicking in my sleep.Let I was running or fighting someone. Last night March 27 2016 I had the worst nightmare ever and was doing 8th e same thing. Does anyone know if the nightmare go away?

Posted by

Both my Stepmom and I had to quit using this after a week because we both got vivid nightmares. I've tried this drug 2 times and each time I couldn't get past a week because of nightmares. I know it works for some people but there should be stronger warnings of signs to watch for. I also asked my ex husband to watch me for any signs of depression. As with any drug it depends on a persons chemical makeup and what works for one person but not work for another.

Posted by

This article/story is ridiculous. The way you word things are ridiculous, do you even realize what your saying? You sound dumb. And I quote "When I found out the damage this drug could cause and there was a possible class action lawsuit, I wondered how the hell a drug company could make me take a drug like that and not tell me the side effects. This stuff is crazy - the drug company should have done more research on this one. I know that nightmares are now listed on the label, but that doesn't mean people are going to read through all that fine print"

Seriously???? First of all I'm pretty sure in NO WAY is the drug company MAKING YOU take the drug. Pretty sure your 110% buying it & taking it by choice. Maybe you should have done more research before choosing to take the drug. And doesn't mean people are going to read "all that fine print." Yeah that would again be your fault for not reading the medical/pharmacy paper that comes with it. But hey best of luck!!!

Posted by

I'm on week 2 on chantix. I use to be a pack to a pack 1/2 smoker (always bought 2 a day). With Chantix I don't get the urge to smoke. I do get vivid dreams but no nightmares yet. I do enjoy the vivid dreams. For now I do not have any issues with Chantix and I rather deal with dreams/nightmares than go back to being a smoker. No real complaints here.

Posted by

I've been taking Chantix for about four weeks and haven't had a cigarette during the last three of those weeks. Chantix works and almost totally eliminates the cravings and other issues I associate with stopping smoking. I have had several vivid dreams and some nightmares while taking Chantix. I found that taking Chantix in the evening or just before bedtime made it harder for me to get to sleep. It works best for me if I take it around lunch time. I actually find myself looking forward to the dreams each night. I usually wake up after the dream or nightmare smiling, knowing that it was just a dream and amazed at how vivid and real it seemed. I completely understand how these nightmares can freak people out, they seem so real and the nightmares can sometimes be extremely gruesome. While I'm often uncomfortable thinking that the dream came from my mind I try to remember that it's only a dream and think about how amazing our minds are. Soon I'll be done with my Chantix prescription and I find myself wondering about how much I might miss the dreams I've come to associate with taking Chantix. I think I'll miss them but I won't miss having to sneak off to have a cigarette outside while it's snowing or raining. Chantix worked for me and I found the dreams and nightmares amazing and somewhat entertaining.

Posted by

I have been taking chantix for 8 days now. I have no urge to smoke on it, and for the first time in a long time didn't even think about smoking. I had one bad nightmare about 4 days ago, but nothing I couldn't deal with. Today I'm picking up my kids from their grandmas and my wife from the airport then going on a road trip. I just awoke from the most vivid dream I've ever had. It all seemed so real, and actually started out quite pleasant. I drove to work with some girl in my Ferrari (I don't own a Ferrari, and don't work at the place I went to). I then realized in the dream that I was supposed to do all the things I'm actually doing today. That's when it turned bad. First I couldn't find my car I just drove to work. Then I found the car I actually do own but could not get my GPS to work. I then found my self in my house (which wasn't really my house) with people I didn't know looking for the bag I packed the night before (really) and not being able to find it. I was freaking out in my dream because it was way past the time I was supposed to pick my wife up, I realized I had her phone, I couldn't find the bag and my GPS wouldn't work so I couldn't find the airport. Then, somehow. I realized I was dreaming. So I started bashing myself in the head with anything I could find to wake myself up. I knew the position I was sleeping in when I feel asleep so I tried to do the same in the dream to wake myself up. Then more extreme bashing and cutting myself with glass. I didn't feel any pain, but at this point I was not sure if it was a dream or not. I finally awoke and it took me a good 5 minutes of looking through messages on my phone to convince myself that it was just a dream. Even now I'm worried that this is a dream and the dream was real. I think I need a cigarette more than ever know and that's where I'm heading next.

Posted by

I've been taking this drug for a week now & have experienced the nightmares & vivid dreams. It's worth it to me because the withdrawals from "cold turkey" are worse than Chantix.

Posted by

no crazy dreams, just vivid ones. in fact they are almost enjoyable- like any medication there are side effects and if it does not work for you- don't take it.
worked for me.

Posted by

I don't know anything about getting any nightmares, however when I was taking chantix I had very vivid "x rated" dreams. The urge to want to have a cig started to go away after about ten days of use. I believe in this product, but if there are people having as vivid nightmares than my "good dreams", then maybe it IS something to consider.

Posted by

I've been taking it for 10 days now. It's amazing how easily it makes you want to put cigarettes down but I'm not so certain the pros outweigh the least not for me. My wife has cheated on me 8 out of those 10 nights in my dreams. These dreams are so realistic & vivid, I have woke up in tears a couple times. One of the two nights I was "lucky" enough to get away from the bad dreams, it was nightmares. realistic & vivid. Somebody had broken into my apartment & was choking me in my body was paralyzed so I couldn't fight back. Wife had to wake me up because I was flailing violently trying to fight back. The last night, I was "lucky" enough to not get choked in my sleep while paralyzed, somebody broke into my apartment & was stabbing my pregnant wife to death while she was lying in bed next to me.....& AGAIN I was paralyzed & could do nothing to stop it. She was crying & screaming my name while choking on her own blood....and I couldn't do anything about it. The bad dreams about infidelity tend to stick with me all day. They wake me up in the worst mood imaginable & have started causing paranoia & unwarranted relationship problems. The nightmares/sleep paralization are absolutely terrifying. So here I am at 3:15am scared to go back to sleep. I can't & won't bash the drug when it comes to quitting cigarettes because it has done exactly what is supposed to do & made it easy to put down the cigarettes, but personally I'd rather smoke than deal with these dreams & the moods they cause.

Posted by

Sorry it didn't work for you has worked for many, so stop ruining trying to ruin it for everyone. I have experianced some bad dreams but expected to have a little of that. Every time I feel tired and lazy from takeing it I'm aware it's just a side effect of the drug i'm takeing to quit smoking. I'm sad that I only have one months worth of this stuff. My insurance won't cover it and I don't have 300$ for the next one. This has gotten me through the worst part of quitting. I will never go back! Thank-you chantix!

Posted by

My friend took Chantix to quit smoking and he related the following dream to me. In this dream, he and 4 of his co-workers were running from flesh eating zombies thru a city. The whole day people had been turning into zombies, and killing the citizens around them. He and his band of friends finally found a warehouse that they sealed off from the zombies, and they all sat down to finally eat some food. All were scared, and he said they could hear the zombies trying to break into the warehouse and get them. In his dream, which he said was so vivid and so detailed and so three dimensional that it was beyond horrifying, one of his friends began spitting out his food and saying it was not very good to eat. And as he was talking with this friend, he began to realize that this guy was turning into a zombie right there in front of him. My friend woke up, completely soaked in sweat, stumbled to the bedroom light switch and turned it on. He said it took him about 4 minutes to realize that it was only a dream, and he said he had never been more terrified in his entire life. He never took Chantix again.

Posted by

This drug gave my best friend nightmares that were in full colour and beyond terrifying. In one of his dreams, he was driving down the road with me and we were coming home from a fishing trip. He said that I told him casually that I was now dating his mom. We are the same age and his mom is way older, and also married, and I have never expressed any interest in her. So there was no background to support this strange dream in any possible way. He said that in his dream he took a filet knife and cut my throat as he was driving, pulled over and dumped my body, and drove to his house. He actually called me at 5 AM to see if I was OK! In his dreams, he BECAME a psycho killer, and in his dream it was fully justified each time in his mind. It was like doing anything you do every day-- like going fishing, or shopping. In his mind, killing was absolutely normal and even cool, he stated. This drug is SERIOUSLY MESSED UP!

Posted by

I just started Chantix on wednesday and last night I woke up at my moms after only sleeping for an hour because of a very bad nightmare that i almost started crying during it. I need to quit because I am having a hard time breathing. But after reading your article I might be stopping it and just have to keep using an inhaler to help me breathe.

Posted by

I just read your story and it sounds just like mine, I woke up screaming and crying this morning, called my doctors office and he called me right back (surprise) I started taking chantix Feb 14 of this year, I immediately had sever stomach cramping, but this worse part is the horribly vivid nightmaries and also I am very outgoing but have not wanted to go anywhere and I have been very depressed and have also had high anxiety, I will never take Chantix again ever and your post did help me to know that Im not the only person that Chantix affected this way Thanks so much Debbie

Posted by

I took this stuff for a month, I can say this: I'd rather live a normal life with a dirty smoking habit than feel like I did when on this stuff. I have NEVER felt more odd, crazy, scared, or like I was about to freak out at any minute when on this stupid drug, it was like being in a horror movie 24 hours a day. This company should be sued for even letting this thing on the market.


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