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Back and Neck Injury: Understanding Whiplash

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Los Angeles, CABecause of the unethical actions of a few people out to make money, whiplash injuries may be the most misunderstood back and neck injury. When many people hear about a whiplash complaint, they assume the neck injury is a fake. But the truth is, whiplash can be just as serious as any back injury or neck injury, causing serious pain for victims.

Part of the problem with whiplash injuries is that people will fake the injury as a way of making money off an accident. A variety of accidents can result in a whiplash injury and the symptoms are easy to fake. One of the symptoms of whiplash is neck discomfort, which can be difficult for doctors or experts to refute. But for those who suffer an actual whiplash injury, the consequences are very real.

Whiplash injuries occur when the victim's body remains still but the head is thrust backward and then very quickly forward—similar to how the body would respond in a rear-end car accident. Although people use the word whiplash to describe the injuries, whiplash actually describes the motion of the head and neck. The injuries have a variety of names, including neck sprain and neck strain.

Symptoms of whiplash injuries include neck pain and swelling, neck stiffness, dizziness, tenderness in the back, muscle spasms, difficulty moving the neck, and headache and pain that shoots from the neck into the shoulder. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, some patients may also experience nervousness, irritability, memory loss and problems with concentration. Symptoms may appear immediately after the injury occurs or may take a few days.

Although most whiplash injuries involve minor soft tissue damage and victims fully recover from their injuries, some victims suffer a fracture of the vertebra and/or dislocation of the vertebra, which can have more serious consequences. Damage to the vertebra can result in temporary paralysis and permanent damage to the nerves in the area.

Whiplash injuries can be incredibly painful and they can require months of rehabilitation for the victim to recover. For most patients, recovery happens relatively quickly, but those with severe whiplash injuries might suffer from chronic pain, chronic headaches and spinal cord damage. For these patients, recovery can be a long process, and they may never fully recover.

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This is all very enlightening. I have wondered what goes through the heads of parasitic people who claim injuries after minor accidents. I have literally been hit directly in the head, had major impact landings in aircraft for work, and been violently hit by another vehicle. Guess what- I'm still OK. I did not claim illegitimate injuries or whine after any of these events. It seems you all actually believe you injuries like a hypochondriac, except motivated by the prospect of money.

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I had a accident 13 years ago and I didn't feel any pain right after the car accident but when I woke the next morning I couldn't move my neck at all for 3 days. I thought that would be the end of it but now years 13 later and had another car accident last winter it triggered a lot of the same symptoms exsept worse it's been 6 months and just everyday stiffness and it hurts to turn my neck in certain directions.. I started physical therapy this week and hoping that will help out.. Can whiplash really affect u the rest of ur life? Just wondering cause I'm only 36

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I too, suffered from whiplash for the last year. My doctors pretty much gave up on curing me and just gave out more and more drugs. the only thing that has made any difference was something called trigger point therapy, you can get a book on Amazon by Claire Davies called the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, it was like a miracle.

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I can relate to that ladies story. And I have a lying Lawyer who is ethical by his peers which just means he is allowing his injured client to get beat up some more by the insurance companies. I'd like to take a pliers to the both of their necks and give them a taste of some of my lying ethics! A bunch of chicken s%#t lawyers who are afraid of the insurance companies. I will be maimed for life and the #$% clowns representing me could care less. I hope that when its their turn someone treats their lives with the same lack of human spirit. We also were rearended on the freeway. I had c-2&3 fused and now c-3&4 are acting up. And the insurance company is fighting me on a facet shot. That I finally received today after 4 months of trying. And the pain is walking right through this shot too! I just want to scream!

Posted by

We were rear-ended in over 6 years ago. On impact, my head exploded like a stick of dynamite. When the fireman arrived he told me not to move till I was removed on a board. When the EMTs arrived they asked me to "get out and walk to the ambulance". They did not even put me on a board after what the fireman said. My head was exploding and I felt like it was going to blow off. This was a pain like I had never had from any headache in my life.

I went through months of therapy, tests, this/that, doctors running up bills. Now over 6 years later, I cannot turn my neck; the pain is too excruciating. I cannot find a pillow that is comfortable, and I turn all night long trying to get my neck in a comfortable position, which there is none. Sitting and trying to sleep in a recliner is the better, but then my neck starts hurting after then.

I am limited to what I can do now from the neck injury. I refuse to have surgery because there is no guarantee the pain will go away. In most cases, surgery causes more damage than good. I know, the doctors have ruined my husband after 4 neck/back surgeries and he is on total disability from their fast way to make money.

I now can no longer work because of the neck pain, as I also sustained a back injury in the wreck as well. We were sitting still waiting to get on the freeway because their were cars stopped in front of us. But, she came barreling of the exit ramp, never stopped or slowed down, and plowed into us. Most thought we were "putting on". I wish they all had "my putting on" to "put up with".

Never judge a whiplash. There are those who may put-on just for money. But, there are those like myself who have never gotten over a whiplash, and will always have neck pain and problems for the rest of my life. No amount of money is worth the pain that I endure. Plus, I lost more than I received from the wreck. After lawyer fees and medical bills that we had to continue to pay out of our own pockets, the settlement was nothing. Because we are still paying for medical treatment.

So, to those who lie about whiplash; they will be judged by a higher judge. But, for those of us who will always have neck pain for as long as we live, it is real, not fake. I would rather have my health back without neck and back pain, than trying to make money off a lie. Because I will have to lie with the neck and back pain forever.


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