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Violation of the 5th Admendment, (Double Jeopardy)

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I received a traffic ticket for a minor traffic infraction. Not coming to a complete stop for a stop sign. I was pulled over by a police officer given a ticket. I didn't contest the ticket I went to court and was given a fine and the ticket was disharged by the court.

Then unforunately ten months later I got another ticket. This was for speeding. I went to court and paid a fine, and I was lucky that I got no points on my drivers license.

Well I thought everything was done with these tickets. I was wrong! Because the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles sent me an unsigned letter in the mail telling me that I have 9 points on my drivers license and if I don't pay a Driver Assessment of $525.00 by a certain date my drivers license will be suspended!

1) I had already been before the court and paid my traffic fines.
2) The courts did not give me any points on license for these traffic tickets.

The New York State Department ofMotor vehciles did this on there own. This is violation of the 5th Admendment, (Double Jeoaprdy) bieng convicted twice or penalized for the same tickets!

Which is enforceable through the 14th Admendment (Due process). Its also a violation of the 8th Admendment excessive fines.

But this is jnot ust happening to me, its happened to hundreds of other drivers in New York State. We are talking about MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN ILLEGAL FINES being coerced from drivers by the New York State Department of Motor Vehciles.

I am challenging the New York State Deptpartment of Motor Vehicles in the Courts. I'm looking for a lawyer to take this case, a class action lawsuit.

If no lawyer will take the case I will go Pro Se and file the lawsuit myself in the Federal Courts against the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. I've done pro se cases before.

But for know I will see if a lawyer will take up this challenge against the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for me! And the other drivers that have been victims of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

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