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  • ClientLogic alleging employees were not paid overtime. (Jun-7-05)
  • Poland Spring allegedly failed to pay overtime to route sales representatives. (May-19-05)
  • Hudson's Bay Co. allegedly using employee pension funds to pay into the pension plans of former Zellers Inc. and Kmart Canada employees. (May-17-05)
  • Wal-Mart, Quebec alleging the mass layoff and closure of the Saguenay Wal-Mart violates the freedom of association guaranteed under the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms. (May-11-05)
  • Exelon Corp. alleging unpaid overtime for on call electrical workers who are required to commute to emergency work sites. (May-10-05)
  • Blockbuster Inc. alleging unpaid overtime to office employees on salary. (Apr-26-05)
  • FedEx Corp. allegedly hiring drivers as independent contractors, but subjected them employee restrictions without benefits. (Apr-26-05)
  • McCown, De Leeuw & Co. allegedly violated the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act by terminating over 700 employees in one day. (Apr-19-05)
  • Union Pacific Railroad alleging gender discrimination through insurance coverage. (Apr-12-05)
  • Smith Barney alleging gender discrimination through sales support and account distribution. (Apr-5-05)
  • King County Library System alleging wrongful termination and obligation to join the new union. (Apr-5-05)
  • Baltimore Police Department alleging violation of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act through forced early retirement. (Apr-5-05)
  • Federal Aviation Administration alleging age discrimination by contracting out jobs thereby reducing pension benefits. (Apr-5-05)
  • Hewlett-Packard Co. allegedly illegally denied employee benefits to contractors. (Mar-29-05)
  • New York Sports Club allegedly misclassified as managers to avoid paying overtime. (Mar-29-05)
  • North American Van Lines allegedly unlawfully reduced the revenue base from shipments and did not provide drivers with required information and documentation (Mar-29-05)
  • Krispy Kreme allegedly knew about employee stock financial problems (Mar-15-05)
  • FedEx Corp., SD allegedly avoiding workers compensation and unemployment insurance through independent contractors. (Mar-15-05)
  • Pilgrim's Pride, CA alleging unpaid overtime at all employment levels. (Mar-15-05)
  • Denny's Restaurant, CT alleging unpaid and underpaid wages. (Mar-7-05)
  • United Airlines alleging the stock ownership plan committee knew and led shares into financial devastation. (Mar-1-05)
  • Eckerd Corporation alleging improper classification of employees as managers to avoid overtime. (Feb-28-05)
  • Anchor Glass Container Corp. allegedly violating WARN by not giving employees 60 day notice of closure. (Feb-21-05)
  • Abercrombie & Fitch allegedly forcing employees to buy uniforms without compensating them. (Feb-15-05)
  • Federal Aviation Administration alleging discrimination against older workers. (Feb-15-05)
  • PNC Financial Service alleging a reduction in employee benefits when it converted their pension plans to cash balance plans. (Feb-15-05)
  • Wells Fargo & Co. alleging employees have been mis-classified in order to avoid paying overtime wage. (Feb-15-05)
  • Kenton County, KY alleging incorrect payroll tax adjustments for transportation levy. (Feb-8-05)
  • Behr Dayton Thermal Products allegedly classifying employees as supervisors to avoid overtime. (Jan-31-05)
  • Boeing Co alleging racial discrimination towards African American employees since June, 1994. (Jan-25-05)
  • Federal Government of Canada alleging discriminatory tax laws for truckers meal expenses. (Jan-18-05)
  • Bank of America allegedly exempting employees from overtime pay. (Jan-11-05)
  • Albertsons Inc. allegedly failing to pay departing workers promptly. (Jan-11-05)
  • 3M Co. alleging age discrimination in training, performance reviews, pay, promotions and layoffs. (Jan-4-05)
  • Superior Roofing Industries Inc. allegedly withheld an estimated $1 million in overtime pay and regular wages. (Jan-4-05)
  • Broward School District allegedly failed to pay bus drivers overtime wages for regularly required tasks such as cleaning and maintenance. (Jan-4-05)
  • Home Depot allegedly denied overtime pay and pension benefits by improperly classifying employees as assistant managers. (Jan-3-05)
  • Aetna Life Insurance Company allegedly improperly and systematically denying and terminating valid disability claims (Jan-3-05)
  • Cintas Corp. allegedly violated the city of Hayward's living-wage law. (Dec-14-04)
  • Global Executive Mortgage, Inc. allegedly failed to pay minimum wage and overtime compensation to loan officers. (Dec-14-04)
  • Beelman River Terminals of Venice allegedly violated the Illinois Minimum Wage Law by failing to pay overtime to hourly employees. (Dec-14-04)
  • Havens Steel Co. alleging the company's former top executives let retirement money evaporate as they collected bonuses and expensed bogus trips. (Dec-7-04)
  • Morgan Stanley allegedly subjecting female employees to unequal treatment compared to male employees. (Dec-7-04)
  • Big Lots Stores, Inc. allegedly misclassifying furniture department managers, sales managers and assistant managers as exempt from overtime. (Nov-23-04)
  • Duane Reade, NY allegedly misclassifying certain employees as night managers to avoid paying overtime. (Nov-23-04)
  • Best Buy Company, Inc. allegedly unlawfully terminating employees based on age. (Nov-23-04)
  • American Home Mortgage alleging fraud, breach of contract and misrepresentation regarding employee 401(k) plans. (Nov-23-04)
  • Abbott Laboratories and Hospira allegedly denying retirement benefits. (Nov-16-04)
  • Electronic Arts alleging improperly classifying employees as exempt from overtime pay. (Nov-16-04)
  • S.C. Department of Transportation allegedly denying promotions and salary increases based on race. (Nov-16-04)
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