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Reverse Mortgage Lawsuit

Some reverse mortgage lenders are accused of using deceptive and aggressive tactics to lure senior homeowners into taking out a reverse mortgage. Among the complaints about information on reverse mortgages seniors say they are given are allegations that seniors were not informed of the risks associated with reverse mortgages and were told there was no risk of a reverse mortgage default leading to foreclosure. In truth, there is a possibility of defaulting, and many seniors have had their homes foreclosed when they were unable to pay the reverse mortgage.


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Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage allows senior homeowners (over the age of 62) to borrow a certain amount of money against the value of their home without having to make any interest or principal payments. The mortgage is only due when the homeowner dies, sells the house or moves out. Accrued interest is added to the loan balance.

But, interest rates are typically higher than on traditional mortgages and the interest compounds, meaning by the time the homeowner has to pay back the reverse mortgage, he or she could owe more than double what was initially loaned. Furthermore, homeowners are still responsible for paying the insurance and taxes.

In some cases, older spouses have been put on the deed for the reverse mortgage and the younger spouses told their names could be added later. When their name wasn't added and their older spouse passed away, the lenders came looking for repayment and threatened foreclosure if they did not get it.

Information on Reverse Mortgage

In addition to how quickly the interest compounds, there are concerns with how aggressive lenders are in marketing to seniors. Complaints include lenders marketing to seniors who cannot afford the fees, not explaining the risks associated with reverse mortgages and deceptive sales tactics. Some lenders have been accused of marketing reverse mortgages as free money. Others reportedly told seniors there was no risk of losing their home.

Reverse Mortgage Attorney

Some reverse mortgage lawsuits have been filed against lenders, alleging their tactics are illegal. In 2011, lawsuits were reportedly filed against Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae, alleging they used illegal means to foreclose on homes that were subject to reverse mortgages. According to the lawsuits, the people who took out the reverse mortgage paid insurance that guaranteed when the borrower died, heirs would have the opportunity to buy the home at its appraised value, not at the value of the full mortgage balance, if home prices fell. Despite this, some lenders are accused of forcing heirs to pay the full mortgage balance, not the appraised value of the home. When the heirs refused, they lenders allegedly pushed the home into foreclosure.

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Last updated on Oct-19-12


Reverse Mortgage Lenders Allegedly Prey on Seniors
Reverse Mortgage Lenders Allegedly Prey on Seniors Chicago, IL: For some seniors, the money offered through a reverse mortgage can be a lifesaver. People living on a fixed income might not have enough money to make ends meet in the case of illness or injury, so money obtained from a reverse mortgage lender can seem like the ideal solution. Unfortunately, some reverse mortgage lenders are accused of unethical tactics, including misleading seniors about the risks associated with a reverse mortgage so they experience a reverse mortgage default and their home is foreclosed [READ MORE]

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