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DaVinci Robot Surgery Injury

The daVinci surgical robot has been used in many surgeries across the US and was designed to make surgery less invasive. Critics and patients, however, say the daVinci robot may not be medically necessary and may put patients at risk of serious injury and even death. DaVinci robot lawsuits have been filed, alleging patients suffered severe, life-threatening injury due to the surgical robot.


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DaVinci Surgical Robot Complaints

The daVinci surgical robot was designed to allow surgeons to perform operations through small incisions with more clarity. The robot, first used in the US in 2000, has four remote-controlled arms and a 3-D camera, all designed to make urologic, laparoscopic, and gynecologic surgery less invasive. Less invasive surgery means less blood loss and quicker healing time.

Concerns have been raised, however, that doctors are not properly trained in using the robot, possibly resulting in harm to patients. Among injuries linked to robotic surgeries are burns, lacerated bladders and cut ureters. Some patients who suffered injury during a robotic surgery have required additional surgeries to repair the damage.

Meanwhile, a report by Citron Research questions whether the daVinci robot is medically necessary for gynecological or prostate sugeries. Despite the robot being used for more than 10 years, "there is still a severe vacuum of real scientific evidence that the daVinci is of any clinical benefit when the full arc of costs and outcomes are weighed," the report states. The report also cites the death of two patients undergoing "routine" hysterectomies.

DaVinci Robot Lawsuits

Lawsuits have reportedly been filed against Intuitive Surgery, alleging patients were seriously harmed by the daVinci surgical robot. One such lawsuit was filed by the family of a 24-year-old woman, alleging the woman died two weeks after a hysterectomy involving the robot. According to the lawsuit, the patient developed burns on an artery and on her intestines. The lawsuit blames lack of surgeon training in the use of the robot and a design flaw in the robot that allows an electrical current to jump to healthy tissue.

In a different lawsuit, the family of a 42-year-old man alleged a doctor was not properly trained in using the robot, causing his patient's death.

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Last updated on Dec-5-13


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