• Thom287 June 26, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    Being a Pama client for a number of years, this article truly surprises me about them. Living in a large apartment complex, there were some issues. But they were always quick to respond. Living in an apartment most if my life, I've noticed that most of the problems come from within. It's not the management company that's infesting our homes, it's the other tenants! One could be as clean as can be, but if your neighbor is not, guess what?…. Unfortunately I can't control what my neighbors do and if they decide not to be clean, it affects the whole building. Like I said before, PAMA has been good to me and I'm grateful they have helped me with a place to live. We all choose to live in these places, stop complaining and move out if you are unhappy. Don't give them your money!

  • IVETTE July 12, 2011 at 2:10 pm


  • John Mittelman July 17, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    I am happy to speak to any tenant of PAMA Management that has suffered the conditions and lack of maintenance referred to in this story. Retaliation and harassment is par for the course with PAMA…don't let this company trample your rights…

    951-719-1412 or 951-639-8600

    • Raja hammoudrajaa September 19, 2013 at 9:58 pm

      Pama need to pay the price this need to be over. Some one need to hear us and do some thing about …. Pama left us on zero Supervisors and matanice pama. they are races and sexual abuse for her own workers. I'm nt afraid to speak out or testified , we need justice

      • RajaHammoud September 19, 2013 at 10:10 pm

        Where's all the lawyers to take our ,.rights wheres the justice…………. I'm still hurts when I see my tenants suffering

    • alexandria rey March 11, 2014 at 5:41 pm

      please call me alexandria rey 909-520-0552, open code enforcement case and now being evicted

    • kathy bailey October 16, 2014 at 6:09 pm

      I also rent from PAMA/IE RENTALS.
      My heater stopped blowing warm air last year (while it was still cold). This house is also infested with termites & every type of ant. We can’t even use our back yard. Our pets
      (cats & dogs) don’t have a choice & we see ants on them all the time.
      I would like to do something to get them to fix these things. Last month I told them I wasn’t going to pay my rent until they fixed the problems. My rent will be due Nov 1st.
      can you help?

  • anita November 13, 2013 at 2:42 am

    this landlord is sueing me for unlawful detainer on a home that i never got to move into. the deal was a months free rent to clean it up. and he would pay for the supply's needed. the place had been very badly gang related, the roof is ready to cave in cockroches so bad you can't open the cabints, the sueage is leaking. the plug ends need replacing, on screens, the gas can't be turned on because there's no hot water tank. and it goes on from there. gang activity as well. any ways there are two house's on one lot my brother moved in the front house and i was going to move in the back one. and after we got the place half way cleaned, the land lord serves us with an aviction notice. then tryed to tell us we had no permition to be in his houses, oh this was all verbal. the only proof i have is i took pictures before we did anything. but now the landlord is sueing us, what do i do….

  • james settles February 6, 2014 at 12:10 am

    pama bought my apt i gess these ppl buy apts from other sulm lorads i to have to sleep with ear plugs to keep the roachs out so when i took the storey to the news they give me a 3 day notice they want to hide who they are so they used a co called IE rentals but its pama . they lie so much you cant beleve it god for sure is going to send this man to hell . they did work on my apt and made so much dust it send me to the hosp im on oxgan and have been spiting up black stuff from th walls they worked on do not trust these ppl .

  • creativ girl February 11, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    Thanks to you and your office— for whatever push or contact you gave to the pama montclair 'lazies'and or the city of Pomona. Finally days before Christmas, the street was sealed up,the piles of dirt, open ditch and smell lessened. Its days before Valentines now, over three months since the sewers& water flowed like a river to Holt(5wks)Its dry at Gordon Bldg.,but encrusted-souvenir of toilet paper,caca& wet yuck which dried two plus inches thick over 3 square yards has yet to be removed. Gardeners ignore it. Grass cant grow thru it. Windows next to it are kept closed. Yup rents get paid, we see the space roped off, don't re-wet it or use the faucet at all.?We can cut chunks of it like sod, and sell them as momentos on yard sale weekend in March?No other way to get the past stinkysitu behind us,All of us need to keep low profile, stay off the harassment radar/pama. Shows how any and every part/situ. are no ones responsibility. Really low standards.

  • slumlordslayer April 5, 2014 at 5:57 am

    C.C. 1942.4…check it out.

  • Clean&Quiet Roomer June 5, 2014 at 7:28 pm

    So owner stops by-believe its one of pamas' office supervisors- she claimed the bldgs" neighbors reported to her" about lots of loud music, visitor traffic, late rents, feeding cats/loose dogs, at this building in Pomona.
    WE can't even contact a real owner, so I /others really doubted anything she tried to say after that. she did a walking tour,then I got Poshs' license plate number :) When HRH arrived, only stated was THE owner, to anyone she saw(11:30 am)June 5. Who trusts an blinged-out egotist claiming I'm the Queen (in ESL), so bow.I'm your God, so listen-up! She & sidekick(no Engl.),did not knock on any doors; my guess this venting appearance a domino-effect from speech the visiting city housing inspector must have? made about "the little things" THEY observed:
    legions of visible unafraid Roaches,dozens of spots badly chipping stucco/ toxic paint, cruddy landscape, vandalized /defaced unfixed parts of the property(high-places for the local gangs' taggers). non-working lighting every place outside(dangerous stairs!),so much more!
    a Cheapskate gets in your face,daring you not to swing? No shame. Posh/ 'She' may know how dangerous would be if came in evening, when dozens of we have rights/standards,working class people would be at home. what a petty coward. care to return on a weekend?
    Everyday for two months, unwritten verbal threats to pay late fees, even on the first, to more than half of apts! and the on-going extortion-at-your-door by pama "managers". Yes they must collect $ due, but its harassment to come every single day to so many units(4+), claiming the daily punishment of late fee pymt is to be put in their palm, no receipt. A real mgr at the nearby larger complex has left her job now,because told to pay tenants rents out of own pocket and that the daily extortion cash would be her 'salary', among other methods to get income (towing cars, adding fees for serving notices, charging new amts for in-lease included parking spots & things Calif. has no laws about(?)
    Last night,a new 'mgr' personally seen peeking in ALL the lower- level apt windows(with 2 tween kids also following = in-training for "property mgmt.") Nosey.They were not serving notices or introducing themselves like normal people would. The sound of cracking bugs got my attention as they creeped in the dark (10:30 pm+) oh just weirdos from pama LOL not taggers/dealers.
    Why doesn't WeTip involve the real cops/real swat, arrest the "Addicts Family" our newest tenants & only gang/dealers, leaving these dysfunctional bad actors out of the bullying agenda? Got twisted comedy?
    May 31 Told, but not in writing, that on the first, that 2 bedroom apts will be 1,500 June month. so what no notice? person who has left now,said that is what 'suppose to' collect. wow a 25% increase over 1100 for 3 apts here. This month… that means MY income must increase too!
    So,If that owner is really making over 5K a month NOW on this bldg.– even after water,gas and 'mower' paid– 'she' deserves lots of move-outs, no reward of $, bldg.CONDEMENED, fines, not just 'do a surface sprayover' so it'll pass HUD std.
    Please, if it is possible to have City/HUD re Sec. 8 , threaten her, "THE OWNER"… make her stay here!!!
    Her choice. There ARE other P.M. 'companies' besides the pack of dogs that is pama

  • Christine Gonzalez June 12, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    Mr. Mittleman,
    This is a comment I left about PAMA Mgt. Co. …

    Pama, management people are ruthless, unprofessional, uncaring, and most of all, the epitome of the phrase, "Slumlords" my daughter has been renting a 3 room unit for her, her stepson, and his dad, for over a year…she pays 800 dollars a month, and they mind their own business, and pay their rent every month, from the first day they came to live in this modified motel, they have experienced, roaches, continual plumbing problems, so bad that the waste from other units back up into her tub. The manager is a gossiper, and she has her nose up in every ones business, these things you have to learn to just ignore, and she claims that the management company does not allow their tennants to step outside of their back doors, they must stay inside!! what landlord tells you you cannot step outside of your home??? well it seems that 2 days ago out of a clear blue sky, PAMA MGT. company delivered a letter to her at 8:00 at night stating they were giving them 60 days to vacate…my daughter was horrified, and could not think of a single reason as to why they were being asked to move. If anything, they are the one family who keeps to themselves, and doesn't mess with anyone, she goes to work, her son goes to school, and they come home for dinner, and to bed. So when she called the office in the morning, she asked to speak to the owner of her property, and of course they would not tell her who that would be, so a man came on the phone and stated he was the CFO he was rude, nasty and as uncaring as a person could be, told her that he didn't have to tell her anything, and with a smirk in his voice, pretty much just blew her off, he said, she had to pay rent for the next 2 months if she wanted to stay there for that time, and if she didn't pay her rent, she would be ordered out in 3 days, end of story! It's like they disrupt people's lives, and dont care or give a damn… If only people like my daughter and her family who are just trying to get on their feet could afford legal representation…but that's another issue, so PAMA Mgt. with their "F" rating with the BBB, and their tretchourous employees will continue to treat the poor and stuggling like dirt, and take advantage of every penny that they can, i'm hoping that she gets her deposit back, because she has nothing else to relocate with, but i'm sure PAMA will find something wrong within their apartment to try to keep some of it, so, please if you have had any problems with this company and their barbaric practices, please make it public!! that's all we can seem to do, obviously PAMA MGT CO has no human compassion!!

    Is there anything that can be done? or are they covered by some clause in the contract that my daughter didn't notice, I mean most laymen wouldn't understand the wordage in a legal contract anyway, I should have looked it over myself, I worked for the State Bar Court for 11 years, I might have noticed something to the effect that they can put you out for no apparent reason, I would appreciate any suggestions that you might have as to what steps we might take on this matter…. Thank you Mr. Mittleman,

  • Marlene chavez July 29, 2014 at 4:00 am

    That is a very interesting article , and so true. I live in PAsadena on a fixed income due to a disability, and when your on section eight ,these are the kind of apartments they show you. I took this apartment because they allowed my dogs, but its been a nightmare, they are infested with roaches, and they spay every six months for chemicals, and the roaches move from one apartment to the next. I just know next time to make sure they are not owned by Pama and I will not have to deal with the constant harrassnment about my dogs , since management changes like we would our socks. Its a joke. And I have given doctor notes about my dogs for emotional support.

  • Angel Castro October 6, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    My name is Angel, I live at the Howard Garden apartments in Azusa. I’ve lived here for 2 yrs with my boyfriend and our 3 kids. And over the past 2 yrs our apartment has has maintenance problems, to which they fixed, eventually, but the biggest, growing problem are the roaches and bed bugs, that continue to reside here. The managers have have sent the fumigaters here 5 times, and they’re still here. They’re not only in our kitchen, but in the bathroom, our dressers and all the clothes we have in there have their exoskeletans. They are also in between abd under our mattress’, in our closet. I’ve even called the health inspectos. We did everything he did, and when he can’t back again, I told him it was still the same situation. So he said he was gonna tell the manager to help do something to get rid of the roaches, but she didn’t do anything for months despite me reminding her about the roaches. There’s allot more to this story. There are other tenants here with the she problem. Can u please call me. I’m a bit confused as what to do next. My number is 626-587-7044. Thank you for your time.


    Angel Castro

    John Mittelman
    I am happy to speak to any tenant of PAMA Management that has suffered the conditions and lack of maintenance referred to in this story. Retaliation and harassment is par for the course with PAMA…don’t let this company trample your rights…
    951-719-1412 or 951-639-8600

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