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“Lisinopril Sucked the Life out of Mom”

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Denver, CO: “Not long after my Mom started taking Lisinopril for high cholesterol her health deteriorated; it seemed to suck the life right out of her,” says Sarah, whose mother passed away just months after stopping the drug--on her doctor’s advice.

Sarah (not her real name) doesn’t know what role Lisinopril played in her mother’s death, but she does know that her Mom’s health spiraled downward soon after she took the medication, and she wasn’t taking another other meds—it was too coincidental. Apart from high cholesterol, her 77-year-old mother was healthy and vibrant. Now Sarah is looking for answers, beginning with her mother’s medical records, and an attorney’s help.

(Lisinopril is an ACE inhibitor that is used to treat high blood pressure alone or with other medicines and it is also used to treat heart failure. It is not typically used to treat high cholesterol but "it may be prescribed for other uses", according to Medline Plus, an online site with the National Institutes of Health.)

“Mom’s first symptoms were nausea and she complained about a pain—her hand was by her liver,” says Sarah. “That may have been the area of the first tumor but no one knows because there was no reason to find out where the cancer originated…

Mom was prescribed Lisinopril in December 2009; it made her extremely drained and she lost a lot of weight. Then she started using a four-prong cane to walk anywhere. She was so exhausted that she was even afraid to get into the bathtub. And she developed a head shake, which got progressively worse.

As for cancer, no one saw that coming. Did the Lisinopril mask the symptoms of this aggressive form of cancer or was it caused by Lisinopril?

I called Mom’s doctor and told her that the Lisinopril was taking the life out of her and concerning us all. ‘Have her stop it immediately and we need to see her right now,’ she said. When the doctor saw Mom’s head shake she ordered a CAT Scan of her brain.

Throughout the months of May and June 2010 the doctor followed Mom’s recovery after she stopped the Lisinopril. Without a doubt she recovered-- she went back to being the Mom we knew before --but her head didn’t stop shaking. She started reading again; when she was on Lisinopril she couldn’t even hold a paperback.

July 8: Mom’s doctor was concerned that a stroke was brewing—maybe in the neck. She ordered an ultrasound and we saw the neurologist. There were no signs of stroke.

July 11: Mom was sick to her stomach and shaking from head to toe—she was having a seizure. I called 911 and the paramedics arrived in a heartbeat. Because she might have been having a stroke, we went directly to the Denver hospital. The head neurologist saw two large tumors on her brain and ‘There may be more’ he said. I knew there was cancer somewhere else---the internal medicine man saw her next. She had another seizure. Mum was scared—you could tell. Next up she had an MRI.

July 12: Two doctors said the MRI results were not good: she had a large tumor in her left lung and it had encroached into her heart, pinching off the bronchial tube and shutting down her lung. It was extremely aggressive. And there more tumors throughout her body, including both sides of her spine, so large you could feel them. One was near her liver.

Mom’s life was measured in days. They said there was no need for more testing and treatment; just go home and say goodbye. Mum held my hand and she was crying; her wish was to go home, meaning heaven.

July 26: Mum went into hospice; her family doctor (who told her to get off Lisinopril) visited, but we didn’t talk about Lisinopril—yet.

July 29: Mum went into a coma and passed away.

October: I researched Lisinopril online—I’m a medical journalist—because I needed answers; I can’t help but think Lisinopril may have been the trigger. When I read about so many Lisinopril lawsuits, I wanted to find out how these other people suffering with Lisinopril side effects compare to Mom. I know that Lisinopril is linked to liver failure and Mom didn’t die from that, but she first complained about a pain near her liver so I’ve never stopped wondering. My next step is to get her medical records, and seek help from an attorney.”

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Posted by
I started taking Lisinopril in April 2006. My health has continued to decline since starting this medication. Although I haven't been diagnosed with it, I have nearly all of the 27 symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), but could probably never be able to link it to Lisinopril. I am only sleeping about 2-3 hours per night and am so tired I'm pretty sure if my house caught on fire I would be too tired to get up and run out. This is the most miserable existence. Sometimes I feel like I am already dead, went to Hell, and now this is my punishment for whatever I am here for. I have never suspected any of my symptoms to my medication until recently when a friends doctor said he didn't want to put her on Lisinopril because of the problems with this drug. This shocked me because I had never heard anything negative about this drug. Now that I am looking into it, it really makes me wonder if my problems don't stem from this drug. Anyway, there will be a talk with my doctor on my next visit to get me off this drug.

Posted by
Cindy Meehan
My mother is also having all these terrible side affects. Extreme fatigue,weakness, dizziness and seizures.

Posted by
My dad took lipsinpril and has recently been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. In researching the issue, I'm starting to feel there maybe connection here.

Posted by
I have been taking Lisinipril and since August 2013, have had (3) seizures.

Posted by
I take lisinopril and I can go up four flights of stairs without fatigue now. I feel great.

Posted by
Karen Dinkins
After reading all the comments about Lisinopril, I too wonder if it was this drug that caused my mother's death. She started taking Lisinopril sometime in 2010 and she passed away in July of 2012. My mother had the so called Lisinopril "cough" and sometimes would cough some much that she vomited. She was a healthy woman and literally over night she became ill.
I was visiting with her and she was fine and the night before I was leaving, to head back home, she complained about a pain in her right side. She didn't think much of it, but she went to the doctor a few days later and as soon as her doctor felt on her right side he immediately sent her to MD Anderson's Cancer Center for tests and she was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer.
We, my family and I, were shocked because she was so healthy before. She was put on Hospice and 5 months later passed away.
I miss her so much and I truly feel that this drug is a hazard to anyone taking it. I won't let anyone that I love ever go near it. Thank you for listening.

Posted by
Debbye Harrison
My mom is on this drug too. She got so she couldn't walk without a walker or cane. Fell down, had a stroke and her BP was 140/77. She is also a diabetic and now I wonder if this drug caused alot of her going down hill so fast. She just turned 75.

Posted by
My 88 year old mother was prescribed Lisinipril. The side effects were hideous. Her normal BP is 140/70, pulse 66. The Lisinipril dropped my mother's BP to a dangerously low 109/41, pulse 39! My mother was experiencing back pain, leg and arm pain and chest pain and could barely walk after being on the medication for a month. I met with her doctor and he said that her blood pressure was way too high at 140/70. I told him that my Mom's blood pressure was also around 140/70. The doctor claimed that the new government guidelines require BP to be below 120! And I'm going to believe what our corrupt government says! My mother's doctor is an ass! I took it upon myself to get my mother off of the Lisinipril by gradually reducing the med. She has been off of it for a year now and fells so much better. Her BP is back to 140/70 and she's got her health pulse back to 66.

PS the same doctor was also trying to push statins on my mother! I flat out said NO WAY! My mother is using my doctor now, and she's open minded and very sensible for a medical doctor.

Posted by
Ed Hendricks
My mom was prescribed Lisinopril medication. Soon after taking it she experienced nausea, upset stomach, fatigue with weakness and pain on her right side. She was completely sick to her stomach. She told her doctor and was instructed to continue to take this drug. Two months ago her symptoms got much worse she stop taking the drug and went to the hospital where a CT scan was performed and she found out she had liver damage and stage 4 cancer in the liver with no know origin which was traveling throughout her body. She is now in hospice and is dying. I know that Lisinopril is linked to this and I need to locate an attorney who is not afraid to go after these animals.

Posted by
Sharon Duvall
It hasn't quite been a year since I last took Lisinopril -but- It intrigued me as well as scared me when I read about "Sarah's" Mom -Why?- Because I also suffered with many of the same effects her mom did.I became severely nauseated with much pain in the area as my liver and to this day I still have pain in that area. I also was drained of all my energy and vigor and developed a severe tremor (uncontrollable shaking) Of my head and hands...I could not hold a book and soon after that I could barely walk.My vision became blurred and I had trouble speaking and thinking.I lost nearly 20lbs in less than 2 months.Sometimes the shaking was so bad that it appeared I was having a seizure thus I had several ER visits because I was so very ill.I was sent for follow up CT scams,ex-rays and contrast MRI's through my PCP as well as a neurologist that I was referred to.My blood-pressure actually skyrocketed while I was on Lisinopril 190/85 and above at times! doctor increased the dosage as well as adding a diuretic in the dose, That is when I knew for a fact that it was indeed the Lisinopril that was making my so sick because my symptoms that were already so very severe became even MORE severe.I quit taking the Lisinopril on my own accord and did follow up with my neurologist and explained to her my findings and she too agreed that it was the Lisinopril. My blood-pressure is fine now,NO MEDS.-However- I continue to have pain in my liver area although I have not at this time found out what is causing it and to be quite honest I try to stay clear of the doctors office as much as possible because it seems every time I go they want to put me on some kind of medicine that ends up making me sick...A few years ago I was put on an antibiotic which nearly caused my death because I developed severe C-Diff from it...Which took Doctors and Hospitals more than 6 months to diagnose.By the way I was given the prescription for Lisinopril when I went to get stitches in my finger that I had accidentally cut with a kitchen knife. I have reported my side effects to the FDA as well as Informing my health insurance company (Blue Cross & Blue Shield FEBP) and there adjusting investigative company Meridian.I just wish I could be compensated for all the suffering as well as medical costs that Lisinopril put me through,It just seems so unfair! Thank You for allowing me to at least voice my opinion and story here.

Posted by
Billy Adams
I believe any company that sells this Snake Poison should pay for a immediate HEMO DYALYSIS, and clean up the blood of anyone treated by this curse. If you are taking it well if you are also taking ibuprofen really monitor yourself close because lisinopril and ibuprofen dont like one another at all.

Posted by
Sharon Musgrave
Google "Bothrops Jararica." The Veterans Administration prescribes this SNAKE VENOM and of course because of the FERES DOCTRINE we vets don't have much choice. Yers that woman suffered!! Needlessly.

Google also Metoprolol Tartrate. Same POISON and thats exactly what it is.

I'm on the latter waiting to see a Naturalpath.

Posted by
I thought Lisinipril was for hypertension, not cholesterol.


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