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Lawsuits Filed Against Whirlpool for Defective Refrigerators

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Whirlpool defectsFort Smith, AR: Lawyers are looking into a possible class action lawsuit against Whirlpool regarding their side-by-side refrigerators. Complaints against the fridge involve leaking water which causes freezing in the drip pan resulting in either ruined food or water damage to the floor.

Further complaints allege that the freezer's temperature gauge malfunctions and that the Extended Warranty is not honored. The refrigerators in question were sold under the brand Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Roper.

Among the complaints at

  • That the freezer ran almost non-stop and the temperature gauge showed that the freezer was up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, when in fact it was below 20 degrees Fahrenheit;

  • That the icemaker quit working repeatedly (mentioned several times) and in some cases Whirlpool would not replace the defective part;

  • That the compressor broke;

  • That the fridge floods, causing damage to customers' floors; and

  • That Whirlpool's customer service is poor.

In Arkansas, a federal lawsuit was filed against Whirlpool Corp., claiming that the appliance maker did nothing to fix or warn customers of problems in their icemakers. The lawsuit was filed by Paula Rush and Diane Perry and is seeking class-action status to represent anyone in the United States who bought a Whirlpool-manufactured side-by-side refrigerator since 2000. Plaintiffs are seeking at least $5 million.

According to the plaintiffs, their Whirlpool problems led to damage in their homes even though Whirlpool sent repairmen out to fix the appliances. They also claim that they notified Whirlpool about the problems, but the company has neither recalled the fridges nor reimbursed owners for costs incurred as a result of fridge defects.

Court documents, filed March 5, 2007, argue that "WHIRLPOOL knew or should have known that the Refrigerators were defective in design, were not fit for their ordinary and intended use, and did not perform in accordance with the advertisements, marketing materials and warranties disseminated by WHIRLPOOL nor with the reasonable expectations of ordinary consumers." The papers go on to say that "At the time of sale the Refrigerators contained a defect, the effect of which is that the icemakers in the Refrigerators do not work and the temperature controls fluctuate, which leads to flooding and water and property damage to the home. The defect reduces the effectiveness and performance of the Refrigerators and renders them unable to perform the ordinary purposes for which they are used."

The plaintiffs argue that Whirlpool knew that the refrigerators were defectively designed but has not instituted a program to either repair or replace those refrigerators.

Whirlpool recently found itself issuing warnings to customers after the company's dishwashers posed a fire hazard. Dishwashers sold under the brand Maytag and Jenn-Air were voluntarily recalled after reports that liquid rinse-aid could leak from the dispenser and come into contact with internal wiring in the dishwasher, possibly causing a fire. There were 135 reports of dishwasher fires that resulted in product and/or property damage, as well as four injuries including one serious hand laceration.

Although Whirlpool did not own Maytag when the dishwashers were produced, Whirlpool has since purchased Maytag Corp.

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Posted by
ben galatz
KitchenAid 22 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator, Architect® Series II has also been leaking from the bottom freezer. After calling ABT who we purchased it from, they were quick to respond as we had the extended warranty with them. They told us it was a defect on the drain line that freezes, causing ice to form on the bottom of the freezer and leak out. Now we have damaged wood floors that are cupping in front of the unit from water dripping. We will be contacting KitchenAid for reimbursement for the damages to the floors.

Posted by
Chandra Hall
We purchased a Kitchen Aid 3 door refrigerator Model#KFIS29PBMS00 in May 2013. It has had multiple issues and repairs over the past year. Then in June it quit working all together. 3 different service calls and they finally got it working again….for one week. Now it has been dead since July 3rd. After the last repairman looked at it they deemed it was a lemon and ordered us a replacement. It is now August 11. Whirlpool cannot "find" our replacement order. Meanwhile we have been living without a refrigerator since July 3rd. We have 4 kids eating out of a cooler all summer. Every call we make we are told something different. They will not give us a direct number to a person who can help us. We are often told to call back at a different time. We bought a $3000 appliance, that Whirlpool agrees is a lemon, yet we are still stuck without an appliance for over a month. Not to mention we had to have it repaired three times during the year it "worked" because it leaked water and ice all over our wood floors, which in our brand new house are now ruined. They have had the worst customer service I have ever encountered and the absolute worse products. I am kicking myself for buying a Kitchen-aid/Whirlpool suite in our new home.

Posted by
I have a Whirlpool Fridge (WRF990SLAM) with a laundry list of known problems according to the tech who looked at it. Parts and labor to fix in the $1000s is what he said. I'm a few months outside of manufacturers warranty and mentally preparing to call support to fight to get a replacement. My extended warranty through Lowe's has been useless. All they did was buy me out even after I told them no I want it fixed.

Posted by
Russ Locascio
I have a side by side Kitchen Aid. It was dripping water for a few weeks. I thought it was the kids or the wife being clumsy getting ice or water. It turns out to be more. The ice maker and water dispenser leak water from the bottom. Another defect is with the insulation. It is missing in the side wall. I get condensation on the outside. Water has seeped through the wall into the wood floor in the bedroom. When I called Kitchen Aid, they said my warranty had expired one week prior. I asked for consideration as the problem has been ongoing. They offered to replace the parts but I had to pay for the service call. Then, the guy doesn't show up at the appointed time. It turns out that they are changing software and tickets got lost. Finally, a guy shows up and says the insulation problem cannot be repaired. I was told I would get a new unit and the incident has been referred to the Product Review Board. They were supposed to respond within 48 hours. So far, they didn't hit that performance goal. I'm preparing to file a small claims action in case it comes down to that but thought to search for any class action suits in the works. That's how I found this site.

Posted by
Chris FW, TX
TWO Whirlpool Refrigerates bottom freezers leaks on floor G1GFARXXF03 S/N S/N K2126980 and GX5SHDXVQ02 S/N K0105900 Both freezers are leaking on the floor from the bottom freezer because of the icy overflow caused by clogged frozen drain defective tube

waited 10 minutes online for live chat which told me to call 800-253-1301 which also had a 10 minute voice mail recording which lasted almost an hour & I had other things to do, couldn't wait any longer on their voice mail.

Posted by
Tammy A
Whirlpool Gold bottom freezer model W10248352A

Just had a repairman out for the 1.5 yo fridge, said it was a default in the engineering design, and the 2500$ fridge is worthless and cant be repaired. He said hopefully they will replace it with a new one as they know about the issue.

NO more Whirlpools for me.....

Posted by
Our Jade Refrig model RJRS4280D has the drip tray problem as well. We had to replace it when it was only two years old. It worked up until Jan 31,2014 when it started making a loud noise like a leaf blower. The repair tech has been out to our house 6 times, last time was Ap 24. It is again making the noise. I called Maytag warranty department this morning and the rep said that I would have to have the same repair company out again. My reply was "can't Maytag get in the picture and find a solution?" I have had to defrost the refrig 3 times and remove the food and take to my sons 3 times so the drip pan heater kit could be installed. What a pain. Each time it worked okay for a short time and then the freezer walls would freeze up and ice all along the bottom and that horrible noise. We bought Jade appliances when we built our dream home. High end Gas 6 burner Stove, 2 Dishwashers (had problems with them too) and Oven. Maytag Neptune front loading washer and dryer. If there is a class action I would like to know about it.

Posted by
Carol A. Bajus
I have a KitchenAid
French Door Refrigerator. The first one I purchased on 4-1-2013 and the ice been kept spilling water down the ice bin and water dripping off the ceiling of refrigerator on same side of ice been. After 8 or 9 service calls over a period of 10 months I demanded that
Whirlpool replace it. On January 31, 2014 my refrigerator was replaced with the same model with the same problems.
Whirlpool wants to continue with the same program of sending out servicemen which will never be resolved because it is a defective model with a poor design. The parts come from Mexico and China and Whirlpool attempts to put it together in the USA. (??????)

Posted by
zb chen
I bought a JADE side by side 48" model a year ago and I have to call the service guy three times to fix ice build up problem. I changed the evaporation pan 3 months ago with an so called improved pan and ice built up again last week. this last time the ice built even worse than before. I had a GE profile refrigerator before and it has run 12 years quietly and still running. I got this headache since I got this JADE build in refrigerator. Anyone has any suggestion to fix the problem.

Posted by
Just bought one of the whirlpool side by sides. Very expensive and the ice maker has already been replaced the failed again. Whirlpool is giving us the run-around so far....

Guess whirlpool goes on my list of companies to never do business.....

Posted by
Mr. Dong
Unfortunately, I purchsed a JADE side by side 48" model 6 years ago. My problem has been exactly the same as encountered by Mr. Beal, with so permanent solutions. The service firm keeps telling me to turn off the power and defrost the system....

Posted by
John Ervin
Frig is UNDER 3 years old. Crapped out due to bad compressor, WP sent tech out and confirmed my diagnosis, compressor is shot, and cost to fix exceeds new model.

Compressor is 250 VOLT unit NOT 115 volt unit. so burned up... bad product, bad parts = bad frig

Posted by
Mr Reynolds
My refrigerator ice make is given out 6 times. The refrigerator is only 1.5 years old. They replaced the door. I am fed up with Whirlpool. I bought the extended warranty, but they will not call back.

Posted by
Rebecca Yurkanin
I do not recommend anyone buying a whirlpool fridge. Mine is 5 months old and I have had the freezer door replaced once, and waiting on a new one, as a plastic piece continues to pop out of the interior door, overfreezing my freezer and ice bin, in turn causing the ice not to dispense, and probably was the cause of the fridge getting warm, which in turn caused the computer to go bad. I have also replaced 2 water filters, because the water tastes very dirty. No luck on good tasting water. While waiting for our 2nd new door, our ice bin is sitting in our backyard defrosting.

Posted by
I have been troubleshooting the same problem with a friends RJRS4270C. The original drain pan part has been replaced with a new part #W10199913. Looking at a photo of the new part, it appears that they have added a heating element under the drain pan. It is not very difficult to replace if you feel up to the challenge. The cheapest place to purchase the part is at Sears. Do you know if this part has been replaced during one of your service calls?

Posted by
Aaron Beal
I've been dealing with a serious design issues on my JADE brand side by side (Maytag/Whirlpool) Model RJRS4270C. Over a three year period and at $450 a pop for each repair and totaling 10+ repair/visits, always the same issue. The issue is specific to the heated drip tray under the defrost heater and adjacent drain tube heating element which are located in the freezer compartment (top). This design isn’t sufficient to keep ice from building up and burning out the fan, or water pooling in the pan and flowing down the insides of the freezer. Sometimes ice damming is evident by the sound of the fan hitting the ice. You would think a $5,000 fridge/freezer wouldn't have these issues. Come to find out this is a recurring problem with most everyone who's purchased this 42" or 48" model of JADE. I guess you can say anyone who has purchase JADE has been JADED. I would think they Whirlpool would find a permanent fix so it would cost the company so much in service and cause customers so much grief. It has become clear to me that Whirlpool is doing there best not to acknowledge the design problem even exist. If anyone has a solution please let me know. (


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